RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society JournalCALL FOR PAPERS (VOL 11, NO 1, JANUARY 2014)
Call for articles open for the next monographic Dossier on Mobile Learning Applications in Higher Education.
For many educators, mobile technology in the field of teaching and learning has recently become one of the most important areas of research. Mobile learning has become a strategic topic for many organisations concerned with education.
The evolution of wireless technologies and the development of applications on mobile devices have been spectacular. The advent of new types of devices is disruptive to education, no matter what educators and education institutions do. Therefore, a thorough analysis, from a pedagogical and technological perspective, is key to ensuring an appropriate usage and implementation of mobile learning.
In the past two decades, we have experienced a revolution in wireless communications that has facilitated a reduction in people's dependency on cable in order to communicate. Moreover, in the last decade, we have seen a huge evolution in the performance and features of mobile devices. In many cases and for many tasks, this has led to mobile devices being a possible replacement for laptop or desktop computers. While it is hard to say whether the new breed of devices will be an outright replacement, they certainly mean that there is a new layer of interaction.
Today, we are seeing an explosion of tools and programming languages to develop applications on mobile devices, as well as the creation of new ways to share and download/upload these applications from/to specific markets. This has enabled many programmers to develop mobile applications in a fast, cheap and readily marketable way. It has never been easier to create applications and make them globally available, and learning environments are no exception.
We live in a new age. This has been called the mobile age or the mobile technological revolution by several authors, and it has been likened to the first and second industrial revolutions. Without doubt, we have seen a significant increase in mobile learning experiences in higher education in the last five years. Read more...