02 mars 2013

You’re Reading What?

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/on-hiring-nameplate.gifBy Allison M. Vaillancourt. Last week I cited a management book that gave me some helpful perspectives on the insidious and even unintentional ways leaders can undermine organizational effectiveness. Knowing that academic audiences often discount items from the popular press, I expected a little electronic eye-rolling and was not disappointed. Words such as “psychobabble” and “common sense” made their way into the comment boxes, just as I knew they would. The ire of some readers was apparently increased by The Chronicle’s decision to insert a screen shot of the book’s cover, which seemed to suggest that I was reviewing the reading—or, worse, promoting it—which I most certainly was not. Read more...

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Txtng Rules

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/lingua-franca-nameplate.pngBy Anne Curzan. Two weeks ago I gave a talk to a group of University of Michigan at Ann Arbor undergraduates called “Txtng and the Future of English.” As a linguist who studies the history of the English language, I reassured the students that they are not ruining the English language, no matter what they hear from their parents or teachers or other trustworthy and concerned authorities. Some of the students looked gratified by this alternate perspective; others looked skeptical.
The changes in written English—and to a lesser extent spoken English—caused by texting and other electronically mediated communication (EMC) strike me as more interesting than worrisome. All living languages change, a fact that has worried people for generations. Benjamin Franklin’s distaste for the verbs colonize and notice now seems quaint. The recent rise of LOL and the verb friend seem to many less quaint.
We didn’t start talking or writing like the telegraph more than a 150 years ago, and we’re not going to start speaking or writing entirely in acronyms and other abbrevs now. Read more...

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A British Perspective on the New Modes of Writing

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/worldwise-nameplate.gifBy Nigel Thrift. Fascinating things are going on in the world of representation. It used to be that communicating through symbols was a straightforward task. It involved what were usually relatively distinct domains: writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, music, or performance.
But now that is all changing as a result of digital production and distribution. Over the last few years, each art form has begun to bleed into the others. Whether it’s art based on information technology or immersive performances that engage all of the senses, it has become increasingly necessary to be able to wield a range of skills drawn from different domains, either individually or in groups. As a result, media have not so much become mixed as have started to produce new, more permeable forms. Games are the obvious example, but there are many others, too. Read more...

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China approves 1,780 internationally cooperative education projects

Global TimesA total of 1,780 educational institutions and projects made possible through international cooperation were approved by China as of January, the Ministry of Education said Thursday.
Of the total, 775 are at the college level or above, said Zhang Xiuqin, head of the ministry's Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, at a press conference.
"International cooperation in education still needs to be improved and the ministry will further strengthen supervision, as well as offer more guidance for education cooperation," Zhang said.
In 2012, four provinces carried out pilot programs to assess international education institutions.
China will also introduce a general mechanism to assess educational institutions that are globally recognized, Zhang said. Read more...

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World Bank to support higher education reform in Vietnam

The World Bank Board of Directors approved a total of US$150 million in two credits to help Vietnam to support and sustain the implementation of the Higher Education Reforms Agenda, and to improve school readiness for 5 year old children.
“Improving education outcomes for the population is an important part of Vietnam’s economic and social development agenda, and has been defined as one of the three breakthrough areas in its Socio-Economic Development Strategy for 2011-2020.” said Victoria Kwakwa, the World Bank Country Director for Vietnam. “The World Bank is pleased to support the strengthening of Vietnam’s education sector to help raise Vietnam’s economic competitiveness.” Read more...

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MOOCs open top universities to the world

Screenshot of two drawn stick figures with a bubble saying, We're starting a MOOC
Photo: ScreenshotAn emerging form of online education, called massive open online courses, provides access to renowned universities to people around the world. But can it improve the education of students in developing countries?
Unsatisfied with the curriculum at the University of El Salvador where he is a professor of electrical engineering, Carlos Martinez enrolled in a massive open online course - or MOOC, which when pronounced rhymes with "spook" - titled Circuits and Electronics offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology via the Internet to anyone interested...
Parlez-vous MOOC?

The language barrier can also pose a problem, Bates added, as younger students generally need instruction in their native language and MOOCs have not expanded far beyond English. "If the MOOCs are coming from Ivy League universities in the United States then language can be a problem," Bates said.
Interest in MOOC courses, however, is not restricted to the English-speaking world. Coursera saw that its first 1 million students came from 196 countries: 38 percent from the United States, followed by nearly 5.9 percent from Brazil, 5.2 percent from India and 4.1 percent from China. Both Coursera and edX announced in February that they would offer courses run by partner universities in languages other than English. Read more...

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Interior minister suggests private investment in Greek public universities

Interior Minister Evripidis Stylianidis has suggested that private entities should be allowed to invest in Greek universities.
Currently, all universities in Greece are public and any change to this would require the country’s constitution to be changed.
Stylianidis suggested that investors should be able to hold up to a 49 percent stake in universities in order create new sources of funding and ease the burden on the state.
The minister said that Greece can only afford to fund 15 of the 24 state universities in the country. Read more...

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Bac - les annales sont désormais consultables en ligne gratuitement

Orientations : études, métiers, alternance, emploi, orientations scolaireBonne nouvelle pour les élèves de Terminale souhaitant s'exercer au mieux: le ministère de l'Education vient de mettre en ligne, via le site Eduscol, les épreuves du baccalauréat des trois dernières années.
Quelques semaines après la révélation du scandale du Cned, qui n'est toujours pas parvenu à prendre le virage du numérique, il semble que l'Education nationale souhaite impulser cette dynamique. Le ministère vient en effet de donner accès aux annales du bac gratuitement, en ligne, et pour l'ensemble des épreuves. Suite de l'article...
Ces annales peuvent également être très utiles pour le DAEU.
Voir sur le blog: S'inscrire au DAEU avec PEGASUS, Le DAEU: un diplôme de fac... sans le bac, Nouveau: le portail d'information national sur le DAEU, La rentrée arrive, le DAEU peut être la réponse que vous attendiez, Poitou-Charentes: Financement du DAEU, FCU Pays de la Loire, spécial DAEU, Le DAEU sur le Portail étudiant, Le DAEU en Rhône-Alpes, la plaquette régionale, La Région Poitou-Charente reconduit le chèque Promotion sociale pour favoriser la préparation du DAEU, Une aide pour réviser le DAEU, Où préparer le DAEU en PACA, Le DAEU en PACA, Où trouver des annales du DAEU et des ressources, Deuxième chance: le DAEU est "le moyen de remédier aux sorties précoces du système scolaire" (Jean-Marie Filloque, CDSUFC), Doubler le nombre d'inscrits au DAEU.
Treoracha: oideachas, gnó, re, fostaíocht treorach scoile, Dea-scéala do mhic léinn ar mian leo dea-Teirminéal is fearr: Tá an Aireacht Oideachais a chur ar líne trí láithreán gréasáin Eduscol, na scrúduithe Baccalaureate na dtrí bliana deiridh. Níos mó...

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Les formations en alternance ont résisté à la crise en 2012

Les EchosPar Leïla de Comarmond. Quelque 450.000 contrats de formation en alternance ont été enregistrés, soit 10.000 de moins qu'en 2011. Thierry Repentin a achevé ses consultations sur le projet de loi qu'il doit finaliser pour le début de l'été.
L'année avait mal démarré. Elle ne s'est pas mal finie: 448.835 contrats de formation en alternance ont été enregistrés en 2012, selon les statistiques que vient de mettre en ligne le ministère du Travail. Ce dernier a dénombré précisément 294.276 contrats d'apprentissage et 154.559 contrats de professionnalisation. Cela ressemble à l'histoire du verre à moitié plein. Ou à moitié vide. Suite de l'article...
Les Echos By Leila of Comarmond. Approximately 450,000 training contracts were registered in alternation, or 10,000 less than in 2011. More...

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Recrutement des enseignants: le ministère salue un «retournement de tendance»

Les EchosPar Marie-Christine Corbier. Plus de 138.000 personnes se sont inscrites aux concours 2014, contre 94.300 à la session 2013. Les concours du premier degré public enregistrent une hausse de 57%, et ceux du second degré public, de près de 37%.
Serait-ce la fin de la crise du recrutement des enseignants? S'il est encore un peu tôt pour le dire, le ministère de l'Education nationale salue un « retournement de tendance après des années de crise » et se félicite de « la hausse conséquente des inscriptions aux concours 2014 de recrutement des enseignants ». Tous concours de l'enseignement public confondus (premier et second degrés), les inscriptions ont progressé de plus de 46%: plus de 138.000 personnes se sont inscrites aux concours 2014, contre 94.300 à la session 2013. Les concours du premier degré public enregistrent une hausse de 57%, et ceux du second degré public, de près de 37%. Suite de l'article...
Les EchosDe réir Marie-Christine Corbier. Tá níos mó ná 138,000 duine cláraithe le comórtas i 2014, i gcoinne 94,300 sa seisiún 2013. Níos mó...

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