Linked Data for Open and Distance LearningIn a world of Open and Distance Learning, how exactly do we discover open resources? How can we connect resources located in different repositories? Furthermore, how can we  relate these resources to the context, interest, cultural and technical environment of the learner? This study broaches these and more topics relevant to Open and Distance Learning (ODL).
The Semantic Web has the potential to dramatically change Open and Distance Learning through the use of Linked Data. This report analyses Linked Data, making the case for sharing and interlinking mechanisms to be used in relation to Open and Distance Learning documents and entities.
This study examines how Linked Data is currently being used and ow organizations can adopt it in their quest of using the Web of Linked Data for ODL. It includes how technology can be applied to solve problems and considers a number of case studies that are specific examples of the benefits of using Linked Data in this context.