Tap_logo_330_110_eventBy Edith Musyoki. Kenyan universities are opening satellite campuses across the country as they seek to meet the growing demand for education. Currently, there are over 29 constituent universities across the country and the number is rising. However, some experts feel there is a better and cheaper way to improve access to education. This is by investing in e-learning.
Njambi Muchane, the Director of Kenya School of Government e-learning and Development Institute (eLDi) says that instead of replicating the face-to-face learning in the main campus, universities should set up small offices but train via e-learning.
“Opening several colleges increases the overheads of a university. Local universities should understand that they can use the same professors and lecturers to train many participants in different locations,” she says.
According to her, universities have the challenge of equipping the many colleges they are opening, with the necessary infrastructure and human resource capacity. This challenge, Muchane says can be solved by developing an appropriate e-learning platform.
E-learning is only expensive at the initial stage when developing the online content and setting up of an appropriate management system but maintenance and management of the system is cheaper than organizing the traditional face to face trainings. Review of the content is only done periodically. Read more...