03 février 2013

NELLIP - Network of European Language Label Initiatives and Projects

QuizNELLIP - Network of European Language Label Initiatives and Projects
This network currently has EU funding for 3 years (2012-14) through the Lifelong learning programme, under the strand Key Activity 2 – Languages.
The NELLIP Network aims to promote high-quality language learning by applying the criteria used to award the European Language Label.
In its first year, NELLIP selected relevant language-learning initiatives that have received the European Language Label and are consistent with the Commission's current political priorities on language learning. 471 projects have been reviewed and uploaded to the NELLIP database. Of these, some 200 case studies and 50 best practice projects were identified.
National reports
on the implementation of the European Language Label have been produced. For each country, the report presents:
  • how the label is organised and managed locally
  • the national label campaigns and national priorities
  • how the label is awarded
  • how earning the label has affected the projects
  • a series of recommendations and best practice.

Numbers of NELLIP network members are currently expanding. So far, 67 language-learning organisations have officially joined. Benefits for members include:

  • sharing experience on quality issues in language learning and on the European Language Label
  • being in contact with other language experts
  • identifying potential partners for international language-learning projects.

If your organisation has been awarded the European Language Label, you are invited to join the NELLIP network. To do so, contact the network coordinator at: projects@pixel-online.net.
More on NELLIP

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Multilingual database for European Language Label

e-newsletterMultilingual database for European Language Label
New database now available in 23 languages
The European Language Label has now a database which is available in all EU languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish and Swedish.
Also new, two dynamic sections:
  • "Label of the day"
  • Statistics

Visit the new ELL database!

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eTwinning at the BETT show in London

the British Educational Training and TechnologyOne of the world’s biggest educational events, the British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) trade show is taking place in London’s ExCel centre this week, from Wednesday 30 January to Saturday 2 February.
Teachers from all over Europe visit the BETT show to find out what’s new in the world of educational training and technology.
For the second year running, there will be a stand where visitors can find out more about eTwinning, the community for schools in Europe. They can talk to experts and teachers already involved, sign up for eTwinning and find partner schools in other European countries.
You can join in the eTwinning BETT discussion on Twitter by following @eTwinning_CSS or by using the hashtag #etwbett.
More about eTwinning.

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ICT role for Next Generation Universities

http://eunis.lv/sites/all/themes/eunis2013/logo.pngEUNIS 2013 is the 19th congress in a series of conferences within the framework of the European University Information Systems Organisation (EUNIS). EUNIS Congresses are international events that attract a large audience from Higher Education Institutions (HEI). They represent an opportunity for sharing of experience amongst international specialists, users, researchers, decision-makers, and teaching staff from all over Europe. Moreover, it is a very good event to present and publish the latest results of research, development, and deployment of Information Technology in HEIs.
The EUNIS 2013 Congress's theme is "ICT role for Next Generation Universities" and its topics include:
    Open Access, Open data, Open Courseware and Digital publishing
    Information Systems for Research Support
    ICT for Teaching and Learning Enhancement
    ICT in Learning Spaces
    Enterprise Architecture
    Identity Management
    Enterprise Information Systems
    IT Leadership and Governance
    Business Intelligence and University Analytics
    ICT for Mobility and Collaboration
    Campus computing: Cloud, High Performance Computing
    Social Media in universities
    University IT security
We cordially invite you to make a submission to the Congress, in one of the aforementioned topics, for any of the following tracks:
Scientific – presentation of research work and results in a paper session. Submit Paper.
Technological – presentation covering technological aspects and good practices of the use of ICT in Higher Education. Submit Extended Abstract.
Poster sessions – presentation of posters covering technological aspects or good practices. Submit Poster.

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LINQ 2013 - Innovations and Quality: The Future of Digital Resources

LINQ 2013 - Innovations and Quality: The Future of Digital ResourcesThe European and International Conference LINQ 2013 is taking place on the 13th and 14thof May, 2013 in Rome, Italy. This year, LINQ 2013 and its motto "Innovations and Quality: The Future of Digital Resources" addresses and invites experts active in the field of Innovations and Quality in Lifelong Learning (LLL): potential points of access to this field include new learning methods and design, Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), quality standards and certification, human resources development, competences and skills, digital resources, learning materials, and online collaboration and communities. Through these themes, LINQ 2013 will bring together an international audience of various academic and professional backgrounds, providing the foundation for a rewarding exchange of knowledge and experience. Interested researchers and organizations are thus welcome to submit their best work on the conference topics (in detail below) by the 4th of February 2013 (paper submission deadline).
For the latest information on the conference, please visit the conference website http://www.learning-innovations.eu/ and like the LINQ Conference Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LINQConference and follow the LINQ Conference Twitter account at www.twitter.com/LINQ_Conference. Direct enquiries and full papers can be sent to the LINQ Conference Manager Mrs Anne-Christin Tannhuser, at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), Germany, via e-Mail to: anne.tannhaeuser (at) icb.uni-due.de. Website: LINQ 2013.

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Ilearning Forum Paris 2013

Ilearning Forum Paris 2013iLearning Forum Paris 2013 will open its doors on February 12th and 13th 2013 at Espace Champerret of Paris by welcoming e-learning, Training, HR and Talent Management professionals of the whole world.
iLearning Forum 2013 proposes a space of show more widened on the Hall A of Espace Champerret in order to welcome around 50 exhibitors and 4500 to 5000 expected visitors from more than 40 countries.
The show confirms its positionning as the most important European reference n°1 event in France in the field of the technologies at the service of learning. One large opened space of 250sqm will be the place of all the demonstrations and the presentations of the latest international innovation in e-learning (simulations, interactive video, serious games, skills and management applications, the development of contents tools, social networks of learning...).
Access to the show is free. Website: iLearning Forum.

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ePIC 2013 - The 11th conference on ePortfolio and Identity

Call for papers: ePIC 2013 - The 11th conference on ePortfolio and IdentityCall for papers: ePIC 2013 - The 11th conference on ePortfolio and Identity
Following the rich discussions triggered by the presence of Mozilla Open Badges at ePIC 2012, the 11th ePortfolio and Identity Conference intends to explore further the concept of 'openness' in relation to the themes traditionally addressed by the conference. In particular, as ePortfolio and Open Badges are containers of personal data, what is their place in what some predict as the next big revolution: Open Me — open personal data?
The conference will take place on 8-10 July, 2013
Deadline for abstracts submission: 11 March

Contemporary media (digital, social and mobile) is transforming the landscape of identity, education, employment, culture, technologies and politics. The centralised, top-down, mass media model on which most of our institutions are based is facing assaults from the emerging decentralised, bottom-up, networked, agile social knowledge media. While old power centres are being challenged, new ones are appearing: they are based on the systematic collection, analysis and exploitation of the mass of data produced in our daily life. And we are busily coding our actions and thoughts for Google and Facebook to monetise them. In this context, how can we create the conditions for the emancipation of individuals towards a truly open society?
Authors are invited to address ePortfolio and identity issues in relation to:
    open ePortfolio and open badges
    open identity and open data
    open learning and open educational resources
    open assessment and open accreditation
    open employment and open business
    open architecture and open infrastructure
Key conference questions, in relation to ePortfolio and identity, may include (but are not limited to):
    How to support individual and community learning?
    How to contribute to the identity construction process?
    How to facilitate the recognition and accreditation learning?
    How to support lifelong learning, orientation and employability?
    How to support the acquisition of 21st century skills?
    How to create an ePortfolio architecture and infrastructure?
Deadline for abstracts submission: 11 March.

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WIFI OÖ sichert mit ISO 29990 Qualität nach außen und innen

Die WIFI OÖ GmbH ist seit Jänner auch nach der internationalen Norm ISO 29990 zertifiziert. Die Internationale Norm ISO 29990, die seit Dezember 2010 auch auf Deutsch vorliegt, definiert erstmals ein weltweit einheitliches Qualitätsniveau für Bildungsdienstleister. Während Anbieter damit ihre Qualität transparent machen können, ermöglicht die Norm Weiterbildungsinteressierten, Lerndienstleistungen nach objektiven Kriterien zu vergleichen.
Konkret gliedert sich die ISO 29990 in zwei Bereiche: in einen Qualitätsstandard für Lerndienstleistungen und in das Qualitätsmanagement des Lerndienstleisters selbst. Grundlegende Anforderungen an Bildungsprozesse müssen erfüllt sein. Vor allem wird geprüft, ob Inhalte und Lernmethoden auf die Bedürfnisse der Lernenden abgestimmt sind, nachhaltige Lernergebnisse ermöglichen und den Transfer in die Praxis unterstützen. Wichtige Kriterien sind außerdem die Kunden- und Prozessorientierung sowie die Kompetenz der Trainer und Mitarbeiter.
Systematische Weiterentwicklung durch regelmäßige Audits
Das Managementsystem nach ISO 29990, das auf der allgemein ISO 9001 aufbaut, sieht eine systematische Weiterentwicklung der Organisation sowie eine Optimierung der Prozesse entsprechend der Qualitätsstandards vor. Regelmäßige interne und externe Audits unterstützen dabei. Zertifizierungspartner des WIFI ist die Quality Austria Trainings, Zertifizierungs- und Begutachtungs GmbH.
„Wer sich im WIFI OÖ weiterbildet, kann sicher sein, dass unsere Angebote internationalen Qualitätsstandards entsprechen. Die Zertifizierung ist auch ein Beleg dafür, dass wir unsere Rolle als Marktführer in der Erwachsenenbildung ernst nehmen und in Sachen Qualität und Transparenz vorangehen“, betonten WIFI-Kurator Georg Spiegelfeld und Institutsleiter Harald Wolfslehner bei der feierlichen Zertifikatsüberreichung durch die Quality Austria.

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UNESCO Policy Brief on Learning Analytics

HomeLearning Analytics is a rapidly growing research field and commercial , with potentially disruptive potential. While educational researchers have for many years used computational techniques toanalyse learner data, generate visualizations of learning dynamics,and build predictive models to test theories — for the first time, these techniques are becoming available to educators, learners and policy makers.
Learning analytics promise is to transform educational research into a data-driven science, and educational institutions into organisations that make evidence-based decisions. However, critical debate is needed on the limits of computational modelling, the ethics of analytics, and the educational paradigms that learning analytics promote. URL: Unesco IITE.

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eTernity: European Textbooks Reusability Networking and Operability

HomeThe eTernity project is an initiative by the pre-standardization body CEN WS-LT which will explore the needs towards interoperability within the e-Textbook digital marketplace.
The workshop is open for everybody to participate. Your participation is welcomed and free. We are working with key stakeholders such as:
• Publishers
• OER contributors
• Educational institutions
• Students’ associations
• Public Policy Makers
• CLOs, CIOs and CTOs working within educational technology providers
• Anyone interested in shaping a better future for Europe’s Educational landscape
CEN WS-LT will formally kick off the project with a one day workshop in January (provisional date 16th of January 2013) in Brussels. Virtual and physical meetings will be organised to work towards achieving a common reference framework for European textbook marketplaces by means of three main development phases:
• Public call for User Requirements Scenarios from a wide range of interested stakeholders
• Identification and evaluation of existing interoperability standards and specifications, and scoping the potential of developing of an abstract eTernity ecosystem
• Based on the state-of-art analysis, consider developing a shortlist of specifications supporting an eTextbook guidance on the design and development of truly interoperable textbook marketplaces
• The open eTernity technical meetings will be announced on this website.

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