By Aura Vuorenrinne. EAEA´s logo will change in 2013. The new logo, designed by the EAEA Communications Officer Aura Vuorenrinne, will be taken into use gradually.
The reason for change is above all practical. The previous EAEA logo is technically difficult in use because of the complexity of the graphics. Additionally, on its own the logomark does not indicate which organisation the symbol refers to. EAEA has gone through a fundamental change during 2012: a great portion of the staff has changed. The new visual identity also represents a fresh chapter in EAEA´s history.
New logo: simple and effective

In the new logo, the acronym "EAEA" has the main role, which makes it easy to use in different settings and in different colours (colourful, black and white, grayscale). The colours are familiar from EAEA´s previous logo and therefore form a bond between the old and new. The form of the new logomark represents community (connection between all the parts of the logomark), vitality (playfulness of the layout) and progressivity (the letters are on the move). The timeless design symbolises the depth and long history of European education.
Communication further enhanced in 2013
The new logo was designed during this autumn and it was approved by the EAEA Executive Board in the December meeting. The transition from the old visual identity to the new will be carried out gradually as the old materials run out. The logo and guidelines for its proper use will be available on EAEA´s website from January 2013. Also other EAEA´s communication tools will be renewed during next year. The newsletter and website will be restructured to answer the present needs better. We will keep you posted!