Vietnam Net Logo Vector DownloadVietNamNet Bridge – A paradox has been existing in the labor market: a lot of university graduates cannot find jobs, while businesses still lack workers because the candidates cannot meet their requirements.
Schools criticized for making out bad products

Employers always complain that it’s very difficult to find the university graduates who can satisfy their requirements and soon get adapted to the new jobs. They say new graduates don’t have deep knowledge in their fields, lack soft skills and bad foreign language skills. Therefore, experts have called on to renovate the universities’ training curriculums so as to create the products that fit enterprises. Especially, they said employers should “place orders” with universities, requesting the products which can satisfy their needs.
Director of the Thai Nguyen University Dang Kim Vui admitted that new university graduates have limited working capability both in professional knowledge and skills. However, he said the problem does not exist in all training majors. In some majors, Vui said, the curriculums have been renovated, while the trainers well consider the demand of the society. Therefore, the graduates of the majors have high qualifications and can get adapted to the jobs.
Meanwhile, the capability of the bachelors in some other majors is more limited due to many reasons. One of these is that the majors remain unfamiliar to both trainers and students. Read more...