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19 décembre 2012

Migration target panned by another Parliamentary committee

Click here for THE homepageBy John Morgan. A fifth Parliamentary committee has urged the government to remove international students from its net migration target, warning that failure to do so will damage UK universities.
The House of Lords EU Committee today joins peers on the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee and MPs on the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, the Home Affairs Committee and Public Accounts Committee in calling for action from the government. Universities UK is now likely to highlight the fact that although five Parliamentary committees back its cause, the government is yet to make the policy shift.
The coalition is implementing a Conservative manifesto pledge to reduce net migration to the "tens of thousands" by 2015 - with non-EU students forming a key target for reductions. But UUK has mounted a lobbying campaign to urge the government to withdraw university-sponsored students from its net migrant targets, which would remove the government's incentive to target those students for reductions. Read more...
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