Open AppsWhat is Open Apps?
Open Apps is the UOC's online environment that brings together innovative and successful experiences from the university in education and management and shares them in open access so that other institutions, users and developers can make use of them.  
Open Apps offers you,
- Teaching and management solutions and the documentation for implementing them.
- The code of the UOC applications, which are open source so you can develop, customize and improve them.
- The chance to participate by making comments and suggestions on the experiences available in the environment and sharing how you've used them.
Discover Open Apps and access the UOC's know how!
UOC. Universitat Oberta de CatalunyaContext
From its inception, the UOC has developed and tested methodologies and technologies for finding solutions to meet the teaching and management challenges posed by its community of students, lecturers and management staff.
As part of an innovation programme ( of the UOC's Support and Transfer Office (OSRT) (, Open Apps is the result of this know how brought together as a virtual store of the successful experiences tested by the university. These experiences comprise a diverse range of products—including applications, management services and teaching procedures—but they all share one common characteristic: Owing to their innovative nature, they can be efficiently applied to other institutions by other users.
The Open Apps portal aims to foster, within and outside of the UOC, the free use of the innovative applications and experiences created by the university. The specific objectives of Open Apps are to:
- Compile in the one environment all the UOC's teaching and management innovation along with the documentation required to implement and develop it.
- Spread the UOC's innovation and teaching model within and outside of the university.
- Help transfer knowledge and improve educational environments.
- Establish a framework for undergraduate and postgraduate final degree projects.
- Create a network of external collaborators.