European Association for Education of AdultsEAEA´s advocacy work paid off as MEP´s voted for increasing the budget for adult learning and keeping the Grundtvig subprogramme for adult education on board in the forthcoming Union Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport (YES Europe), previously known as Erasmus for All. The Committee on culture and education (CULT) strongly endorsed the draft report of the rapporteur, MEP Doris Pack (EPP, DE), at a vote in Brussels on 27 November 2012.
- Over the good ideas of the European Commission […] we made a better programme. This programme is not only mobility, it is cooperation, it is really working together, therefore I think we managed it in a good way, Pack said in her statement.
EAEA is pleased that a number of MEPs across different groups and parties during have supported its aims during the process. We appreciate all their efforts to improve the prorgamme, to strengthen adult learning, to support social inclusion and access to the programme, and to increase the participation of different stakeholders.
Budget on adult learning increased
The Association lobbied successfully for the budgetary increase for adult learning in the forthcoming programme. In the Commission´s proposal the portion of adult education was alarmingly low, only 2% of the total budget. Endorsing the rapporteur´s suggestion, the CULT Committee decided to increase the budget earmarked for adult learning to 6%. EAEA believes that this is a big improvement, although a clear assessment is currently difficult as the overall budget is yet to be decided.
- I would be happy if the governments would at least pay what they promised for this and next year. I am very cautious because they did not give the money promised for the Erasmus mobility programme for this year and for the next year […] I would be happy if we can increase the budget as the Commission has foreseen it for the next seven years. If you do not invest in education and youth we can forget the European Union, stated rapporteur Doris Pack.
For EAEA it was a relief that the financial allocation for the Programme shall also cover specific and sustainable administrative grants to European organisations active in the field of education, training and youth. This concerns EAEA´s core funding. Read more...