By Vandana Ramnani. In a freewheeling interview, minister for education and skills in the Welsh Government, Leighton Andrews, talks about issues such as the withdrawal of the post-work visa options for students, future plans of Welsh universities and comments on recent media reports that university professors in the UK are often pressurised to accept sub-standard work by overseas students for financial reasons.
How have tough visa rules and withdrawal of the post-work visa option impacted the number of Indian students planning to pursue their higher studies in the UK, especially Wales. What corrective measures/alternative options have been worked out to check the likelihood of the numbers going down?
While immigration is not a devolved matter, the Welsh Government is aware of the potential impact of the UK Government's immigration policy on the ability of Welsh higher education institutions to attract international students. 
The introduction of tighter controls is aimed at identifying bogus institutions and students and this is welcomed by me and the higher education sector. More...