LIFELONG LEARNING IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE FOR UNIVERSITIES - a guide for institutions looking to implement sustainable strategies and business models for lifelong learning

The following is an online guide intended for universities looking to enter the lifelong learning field.
The background and basis for this document has been the USBM project- University Strategies and Business Models for Lifelong Learning carried out by the European Association of Distance teaching Universities.
The project has had a remit of compiling an inventory of current and intended strategies and new business models for Lifelong Learning on the European level, in a collaborative setting of conventional universities and distance teaching universities. Breakthrough practices in education and training have been presented from each of the consortium partners in an effort to compile, identify and develop institutional strategies for organising lifelong learning.
This online guide presents many of these findings and aims to provide useful information that can be used by institutions to implement sustainable lifelong learning strategies and business models.
See also by Martin Watkinson and Luis Tinoca: Showcases of University Strategies and Business Models for Lifelong Learning.