Several major events on employment and education are being held this week in Cyprus, the country holding the EU Council Presidency. Cedefop is there, presenting its latest policy analysis and research findings.
Meeting of the Directors-General for Vocational Training:
Cedefop outlines trends in policy since 2010, the year of the Bruges Communiqué.
- Presidency Conference on Employment Priorities:
Cedefop's research shows that, at the secondary and post-secondary level,  vocational graduates do better on the job market than graduates of general education.
Lifelong Guidance conference and policy network meeting.
Meeting of the Directors-General for Vocational Training
The Directors General of Vocational Education and Training of the Member States, representatives of candidate countries and other VET stakeholders and social partners are expected to participate. The objective of the Meeting is to discuss and promote the Bruges Communiqué and more specifically vocational excellence and equity, which will be achieved through the modernisation of VET systems in Europe. During the second day, the Meeting will focus on the pathways between Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education, and vice versa.
Presidency Conference on Employment Priorities
The Presidency Conference on Employment Priorities takes place with the participation of members of the Employment Committee and of Public Employment Services, together with representatives of Social Partners, educational training institutions, other relevant to the Employment stakeholders and the Commission, and other European Institutions. The intended objectives of the conference, amongst other, are to review the problems and barriers in employment, to encourage the EU Member States to initiate strategic activities in employment, and to establish proposals for directional operation policy. More specifically, the priority on Youth Employment which is the theme of the Conference, could include issues related to training opportunities like apprenticeships traineeships, working conditions as well as the matching of the qualifications and expectations of young persons with the needs of the economy and the needs of enterprises. This priority will be linked to the Youth Opportunities Initiative and the forthcoming Employment Package. There would also be an attempt to adopt council conclusions on the subject.
Lifelong Guidance conference and policy network meeting (ELGPN)
The main objective of this Conference is to examine the transversal role of Lifelong Guidance in meeting the Europe 2020 priorities. The conference seeks to enhance structured mutual policy learning between the EU Member States in developing their national guidance systems. The agenda covers selected national examples and European level syntheses of Lifelong Guidance Policies, Structures and Services as well as discussion on the Cyprus Resolution on Lifelong Guidance.