2013 Annual Conference, February 17-20, 2013, New Orleans Marriott, New Orleans. Click here to register.
In recent years, the “comprehensive internationalization” of higher education institutions has been the primary focus of leaders in international higher education. By integrating an international dimension into teaching, research, and outreach, we have sought to transform higher education institutions into global institutions. We are now reaching a new era in this process where many institutions have embraced internationalization. At the same time, there are still many institutions where rhetoric regarding a global dimension still outweighs vision, strategy, and action. Further, internationalization as we know it today has inherent implications which are not always viewed as positive including brain drain, academic imperialism, and the commodification of higher education. Additionally, the current process of “comprehensive internationalization” no longer represents the full scope and development of international initiatives today that are transforming our institutions and the world. Therefore, a more effective approach may be to shift the focus from “internationalizing” higher education as a process applied to institutions to instead re-imagining and re-visioning higher education in a globalized world. Every single person and location today is impacted by actions of those in other parts of the world. Higher education plays a critical role in understanding and shaping those interactions and events.
This shift in viewing higher education as adapting to a global setting changes the role of senior international officers who no longer apply a process but lead approaches at their institutions to meet the needs and interests of globally mobile students and faculty more broadly, as well as to advance their institutions’ missions in a global context. This also entails responding to the needs of the world at large such as through development, capacity building and addressing collectively the pressing issues of the 21st century including poverty, health, and a sustainable environment. Please join us for the 2013 AIEA Annual Conference in New Orleans to re-imagine higher education in a global context, moving beyond internationalization as an institutional process to adapting higher education to a globalized world.