uzh logoLifelong learning and national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) have emerged as key themes in international development cooperation. More attention is being paid to the adult learning sector and the transition of young adults to lifelong learning and the labour market, as it also involves social inclusion. At a conference attended by 120 participants, and organised by the Institute of Education, University of Zurich, on “The role of the dual system and NQFs in international development cooperation”, international and regional agencies and development partners reflected on their approaches to national qualifications frameworks and skills development. Ms. Madhu Singh from the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) highlighted “UNESCO’s work in promoting lifelong learning through National Qualifications Frameworks”. Countries from the North and the South need to learn from each other; however this exchange should be about ‘policy learning’ rather than ‘policy transfer’.
The presentations of the conference and the panel discussions are available on the website of the Institute for Education, Zurich University:
Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft – VSD-Conference

Here, you can find the presentations that were held during the conference:
Day 1 / 13 September.
Day 2 / 14 September.
Open Forum.