Publication coverFrom education to working life - The labour market outcomes of vocational education and training
We know much about the effectiveness of education in general, but less about how the various types of education play out in the labour market. If we compare a graduate of vocational education with a graduate of general education, which of them is more likely to get a good job on graduation? Which of them is more likely to get a stable job, or get a job quickly? Will their wages rise in step, or does one fall behind?
In this new report, Cedefop looks at labour market outcomes for young people in Europe and across countries. Using data from the EU Labour Force Survey (2009), it examines how the various levels and orientations of education affect employment prospects, the transition to work, job quality and wages. The findings of the report should be placed within a larger picture, taking into account the structural changes in EU labour markets and how they are expected to affect the demand for occupations in different sectors. Download From education to working life.