LogoThe Globalization of Higher Education: Payment Trends, Challenges, and Solutions. Wednesday, November 14, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.
Education has become a global industry, unimpeded by the constraints of geographical borders, time zones, or currencies. However, with all the new opportunities that globalization has offered, there have also been increased challenges and risks. Listen to this 45-minute webinar by Western Union® Business Solutions to learn how your institution can capitalize on these opportunities, while also helping improve business processes and potentially protecting itself against unnecessary risk.
International students represent an increasingly important source of revenue for educational institutions, but traditional payment methods can make handling incoming international fees complicated and expensive. During this webinar, we intend to demonstrate how our online payment solution streamlines the incoming payments process, and potentially helps improve an institution’s cash flow, while reducing administrative costs.
Another challenge for educational institutions is sending payments to overseas vendors, professors on sabbaticals, or students going on exchange. This process can be complicated and expensive, and fluctuations in foreign currencies, particularly exotics, can result in unpredictable losses. We intend to demonstrate the best practices for institutions looking to make payments in exotic currencies, as well as to highly regulated countries like China and India.
In order to illustrate the above points, Eric Gillespie, Finance Operations Manager from St. Andrews University, and Nancy Majerek, Treasury Manager from Notre Dame will provide case study examples of how their institutions were able to leverage the dedicated team of sales and product specialists at Western Union Business Solutions to improve their incoming payment solutions in order to enhance the experience for both their students and back office staff. They will also address how working with Western Union for their outgoing payments helped their Accounting Department budget more effectively and improve vendor relationships. As your university globalizes, learn about how our exciting products and services can help take the hassle out of international payments.