- 16:30 Thursday 25 October 2012. Sackville Building,University of Manchester. Book now - only a few places left!
E-Portfolios are not a new concept. In various guises, digital presentations of skills and competences, online records of achievement, and action plans with opportunities for reflection have been in use in education for nearly a decade. So what is new about e-portfolios?
This workshop will explore what we mean by e-portfolios and how e-portfolios can support 21st century learning. Drawing on the work of JISC-funded projects and other significant e-portfolio developments, it will provide a snapshot of learning enhanced by e-portfolios in higher, further and continuing education.
  • Introducing, understanding and investigating e-portfolios
  • Putting e-Portfolios in context
  • How e-portfolios work, developing a model
  • The next steps in developing and embedding e-portfolios
  • e-Portfolio processes including collaboration, reflection and responding to feedback
  • Introduction to Effective Practice with e-Portfolios and e-Portfolios infoKit
  • Examples of current systems and completed projects

Who is it for?
This workshop is for those who use, or support others use of, e-portfolios: practitioners and managers in higher and further education; staff developers; those involved in initial teacher training; and in the management and implementation of PDP, CPD and lifelong learning.
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