aasheAASHE 2012: Looking for an Advanced Sustainability Conversation?
Have you been searching for provocative perspectives and innovative educational initiatives that push the limits of higher education sustainability?

New this year, the AASHE 2012 Advanced Track: Sustainability Unbound will challenge the content, design, delivery, place, purpose, intent and future of sustainability education with a host of presenters and facilitators including Second Nature Presidential Fellow Mitchell Thomashow and University of New Hampshire Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Kelly.
Participants in this track will spend mornings attending concurrent conference sessions and afternoons reflecting on ways to advance and escalate the transformation of sustainability education. These discussions will take apart current assumptions and beliefs to reconstruct the campus and curriculum in a way that prepares students for the road ahead.
Not sure if this track is for you? Consider the following discussion topics:
  • If higher education were to take a leadership role in preparing students and providing the information and knowledge to achieve a just and sustainable society, what would it look like?

  • How will the education of all professionals reflect a new approach to learning and practice, building a pedagogy that embraces education for sustainability?

  • What will colleges and universities look like if they operate as fully integrated communities, modeling social and ecological sustainability in its interdependence with the local, regional, and global communities?

  • What are the essential actions that will advance sustainability over the next five years to accomplish this vision? How can we facilitate action and move it forward?

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