'European Research and Innovation at the Horizon' is the theme for the EARMA conference in Dublin City of Science 2012 from 9 to 11 of July. followed by Europe's largest science conference, ESOF 2012 (Euroscience Open Forum http://www.dublinscience2012.ie from 11-15 July, 2012.
Just to give some examples we are looking for proposals such as "Metrics and rankings"; Professional development and training topics for research managers and administrators; IT tools developments; Simplification topics; Ideas and topics regarding the Rules for Participation; Financial models; Horizon 2020; Fundamental research and Societal Challenges and Lead Industry programme's; Models for development and management of research support units within Universities; Legal and ethical Issues; the new DESCA model; ERC, Marie Curie and doctoral training in Europe; Interface between research and innovation; Smart specialization and strengthen research potential in new EU member states; International aspects of European research and Innovation; Issues with connections to "Impact"; etc.
Presentations from the Dublin AC 2012
Day 1

Patrick Cunningham
: Growing the Knowledge Economy: The Irish Perspective
Sean McCarthy: Getting Ready for Horizon 2020
Kathleen Larmett and Denise Walden
: Developing Leaders for Research Management: Globalization in the 21st Century
Judith Schallnau
: Experiences and Best Practices on Dispute Resolution
Louise Byrne
: Guide to MC Financial Issues
Susi Poli
 Professional Development WG session
Alicia Blaya
: IPR for non-FP7 Projects
Maria Grazia Bonanomi
: Planning Research Activities
David O'Shea
: Guide to Financial Issues in FP7
Simon Kerridge and Keith Jeffery
: RMAS: Research Management and Administration System
Caroline Ang and Lorna Colquhoun
: Breaking Down Silos: The Role of Research Offices in Stimulating Collaboration
Alex Waehry
: Organising Research Support Offices, LERU Examples
Olaf Svenningsen
: Organising Research Support Offices, Mapping Processes and Tasks
Agatha Kellner and Annika Glauner
: How will you re-structure your Support Office for Horizon 2020
Philip Purnell
: Sponsored Session, Thompson Reuters
Valerie Thiel and Peter Darroch
: Sponsored Session, Elsevier
Roumen Borissov
: FET Funding Scheme
Kristel Toom
: New Comer's Meeting
Marie Geoghegan-Quinn:  Keynote, Horizon 2020 and the New Beginning for the European Research and Innovation System not available yet
Day 2
Enora Pruvot: Sustainability of European Universities: Impact of Horizon 2020
Sean McCarthy
: Giving Impact to your Impact; Impact Writing and Measuring in Fp7 and H2020
Andrea Degen and Dan Nordquist
: Social Media: Another Hype or useful Tools to Improve Communication and Exploitation of Results
Yan Zhang and Feng Zhou
: Chinese Views on H2020
Peter Hartwich: Workshop: The Participant's Portal
Julia Lane
: Measuring Success, STAR METRICS
Alan Mathewson and Cian O'Murchu
: Towards an Open and Sustainable ICT Research Infrastructure Strategy
Paul Coughlan and Ruth Kearney:
 The Innovation Academy at Trinity College Dublin -Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration  
Anne Katrin Werenskiold
: ERA Working Group: Academic-Industrial Collaboration in H2020
Rafat Mrowka
: ERA Working Group: From theory to practice – making money from research
Ciaran Dearle
: Smart Specialisation: Stairways to Excellence and the Role of the Future Cohesion Policy  
Kathrin Werner and Annika Thies
: H2020: The Legal Framework
Jorg Langwaldt: Professional Development of EU Advisers and Administrators in a Network of Four Finnish Universities
Dan Nordquist and Kathleen Larmett: EARMA/ NCURA Fellowship Programme
Day 3
Brendan Hawdon: H2020: Next Steps
Emmanuel Babatunde
: Enhancing Collaboration between Administrators, Advisers and Researchers
Jan Andersen
: Global Collaboration and Professional Development
Katrin Reschwamm: Communication Tools for EU Projects - from Chat to Collaborative Work Spaces  
Olaf Svenningsen
: Workshop - Registering for NSF/NIH/Grants.go