The Belgian region of Flanders has now been included in EUA’s interactive University Autonomy Online Tool, which allows users to view and compare comprehensive data on university autonomy in 29 European higher education systems (the project covers 29 systems in 27 countries, including three German federal states and the Belgian region of Flanders). The tool, which was launched in February 2012, facilitates the benchmarking of national policies, raises awareness among universities, and provides researchers with a comprehensive set of data for further studies.
On the website ( users have access to detailed information on the state of university autonomy in Europe. Through interactive visualisations that cover four broad autonomy dimensions (organisational, financial, staffing, academic) and 38 autonomy indicators, users can study their own higher education system and compare it with others. When clicking on a flag, they are presented with an ‘at a glance’ system profile and data on each autonomy indicator for that country. Users can also view autonomy rankings, based on scores that were calculated for each higher education system and autonomy dimension. The University Autonomy Tool mostly describes the state of university autonomy in late 2010. The data on Flanders (Belgium) was collected in early 2012.
EUA invites other European countries that are not yet included to contribute to the further development of the online tool by providing data on the state of university autonomy in their higher education system. Please contact for information on how to get involved.
To access the interactive online tool, click here. Please send your comments and feedback to