Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) aims to enhance the convergence of sustainable development policies by providing a platform for knowledge sharing and joint learning.

The CMI is created by a Memorandum of Understanding among Founding Members which include, at the end of 2009, Egypt, France, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, as well as the European Investment Bank and the World Bank. Other collaborative arrangements with countries and partners are being prepared. The Center was officially launched on October 9, 2009 in Marseille.
The Founding Members for the CMI are to date:
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on October 8, 2009 establishing the Center with the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, and the Government of France followed by the Governments of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia as well as the City of Marseille.

Programs are designed and implemented under the overall guidance of a Lead organization who will seek the participation of interested parties from the region (or beyond). The Lead organization will ensure synergies with other clusters, bring together the necessary technical resources, and commits to mobilizing adequate financial resources. The Lead organization will facilitate regular information exchange between programs to ensure knowledge sharing through joint learning, and thus help foster improvements in public policies in the region.

Lead organizations, to date, include:

Partners such as think-tanks, training institutions, centers of excellence or development institutions,
collaborate on the design and the delivery of a program.
To the date, the partners are:

Partners of the Employment and Labor Mobility cluster:

Partners of the Urban and Spatial Development Cluster:

Partners of the Knowledge Economy, Innovation and Technology cluster:

Partners of the Environment and Water cluster:

Partners of the Transport and Logistics cluster: