Hedda - Higher Education Development AssociationBy Marielk. Provided that either July or August are the main vacation months at least in most European countries – this is perhaps the time when many have time left over. After finishing all the pocket books one has taken along to vacation and social media has exhausted its entertainment value – perhaps time to tempt with something more educational?
Openculture is a site that is compiling lists of various available free courses online
– sorted by discipline, providing a good starting point for further searches for interesting courses, covering a variety of disciplines and topics – from mathematics to biology, from sociology to history.
Are you interested in listening to the course from Yale on modern social theory? Or see if any of the other Yale courses are of interest. Or perhaps view a series of video lectures with Ian Shapiro on the moral foundations of politics (highly recommended!). And on Youtube, you can find various courses offered by University of Berkley.
In general, those of you who use iTunes – do not forget to check out iTunes university - it is full of wonderful lectures on topics that are either highly relevant to research on higher education, or topics that are just fun to listen to. If you planning a car vacation – what better than listen to a few fun lectures by high quality scholars?
And if you get in a mood of looking up into the skies – why not accompany this with a lecture or two on the frontiers and controversies in astronomy?
Information is out there – just take your time to look for it. What would be your best tip for free online courses that are publicly available?