than 70 per cent of universities nationwide are offering credits to students who participated in internship programs at companies, but only 2 per cent of students have actually acquired the credits, according to an annual survey by The Yomiuri Shimbun.
Many universities also have certified credits for volunteer and study abroad programs, and have otherwise made efforts to provide a variety of experiences to students.
According to the survey, 476 universities, or 74 per cent of the respondents, have certified credits for job experiences. About 90 per cent of national universities and 75 per cent of private universities granted such credits, while only 55 per cent of prefectural and municipal universities did so.
Large universities have been more willing to certify credits for such activities. Ninety-five per cent of universities with more than 5,000 students granted credits for job experiences, 73 per cent of them for studying abroad and 41 per cent for volunteer projects.
About 45,085 students, or 2 per cent, obtained job experience credits, while only 9,439 students obtained volunteer credits. In light of the obligation to foster vocational independence and to support areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, each university has encouraged students to participate in such activities. The survey results indicate many students are unaware of these goals and obligations. This fifth survey collected answers from 639 of 740 targeted universities, or 86 per cent, a record-high figure.