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12 mai 2012

Weaving the future of global partnerships 2013, the EAIE will hold its 25th Annual Conference at the very cusp of Europe: Istanbul.
Straddling Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the largest and most monumental city in Turkey, and is a melting pot of cultures which mix harmoniously on both sides of a city split geographically by the Bosphorus strait. This bustling city is home to over 13 million people, and from 10 to 13 September 2013, will also be home to the EAIE Conference.
Conference theme

The theme for 2013 is ‘Weaving the future of global partnerships’. What better place to host the 25th Annual EAIE Conference than Istanbul where two continents meet. By drawing together different cultures, nationalities, and professions within higher education, the EAIE has, since its inception, developed a platform for creating dynamic partnerships not only within higher education but also with stakeholders in the societies we serve. The fabric of international education is becoming more and more colourful as individuals and institutions around the world increasingly focus on internationalisation. The EAIE is committed to playing an active role in bringing together all these individual threads of international education to celebrate the diversity in the field, foster knowledge exchange and prepare participants for the future.
Conference centre

We’ve secured one of the largest conference centres in Turkey for our 25th Annual Conference, the ultra-modern Istanbul Congress Centre. Built in 2009, the congress centre has hosted numerous high level meetings including those of the World Bank and the IMF. Set in an ideal location, with spectacular views over the Bosphorus, the congress centre is less than ten minutes walk from the famous Taksim Square and within easy reach of one of the world’s greatest architectural achievements – the Haghia Sophia mosque. We’re sure that the rich cultural backdrop of Istanbul will inspire you to share your knowledge and experiences and cultivate new parnterships in this truly dynamic setting. Istanbul 2013 promises to be a truly memorable conference bursting with opportunities, and we hope you will join us!
Past conferences

Each year the conference takes place in a different city, and you can find details about all of the past EAIE conferences here. To date, there have been 23 EAIE conferences, steadily expanding over the years to reach thousands of higher education professionals. The last conference in 2011 in Copenhagen drew over 4000 participants from more than 80 countries around the world. Thanks to each participant who has made the EAIE conferences a success.
24th Annual Conference: 11-14 September 2012, Dublin
23rd Annual Conference: 13-16 September 2011, Copenhagen.

22nd Annual Conference: 15-18 September 2010, Nantes.

21st Annual Conference: 16-19 September 2009, Madrid
20th Annual Conference: Antwerp 2008
19th Annual Conference: Trondheim 2007
18th Annual Conference: Basel 2006
17th Annual Conference: Kraków 2005
16th Annual Conference: Torino 2004
15th Annual Conference: Vienna 2003
14th Annual Conference: Porto 2002
13th Annual Conference: Tampere 2001
12th Annual Conference: Leipzig 2000
11th Annual Conference: Maastricht 1999
10th Annual Conference: Stockholm 1998
9th Annual Conference: Barcelona 1997
8th Annual Conference: Budapest 1996
7th Annual Conference: Milano 1995
6th Annual Conference: London 1994
5th Annual Conference: The Hague 1993
4th Annual Conference: Berlin 1992
3rd Annual Conference: Montpellier (La Grande Motte) 1991

2nd Annual Conference: Amsterdam 1990
1st Annual Conference: Amsterdam 1989
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