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12 mai 2012

The Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education has organised  international conferences since 1977:  the first International Forum was held in Tokyo, followed, in 1978, by a conference in Paris at UNESCO, in which HQ and UIL participated and which has been organised every four years since.
The Centre celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation by Ms. Yoshiko Nomura, on 4 March, in Tokyo. The Centre is based on humanistic and spiritual ideas about human development and its harmony with nature.
Japan is still focusing much of its efforts on the aftermath of the earthquake and the destruction of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in 2011. UIL’s director Arne Carlsen in his congratulatory speech stressed that Japan is also concentrating on the field of adult education in 2012 since the recommendation adopted by CONFINTEA III in Tokyo in 1972 was developed into a Recommendation on Developing Adult Education, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference (Nairobi, 1976). The Executive Board of UNESCO decided in February 2012 to adopt a Plan of Action to make observing this Recommendation’s actual implementation part of  the monitoring of CONFINTEA VI follow-up. Integrated Education as a Creator of the Future Human Restoration of the 21st Century
The Collection of Records of the 10th commemorative International Forum on Lifelong Integrated Education.
To leave the beautiful planet to our children

... All of us living in the 21st century have an inescapable duty to create the future notwithstanding the collapse of human values we endure at the micro level and the destruction of the global environment we face at the macro level.
How precious it is to have a place where we can come together from different backgrounds and cultures and to be able to communicate candidly...
We invite you to join us at the commemorative 10th Forum to address together this epic theme that spans the world and all walks of life across the generations.
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