' association
The VSNU represents the interests of the universities in their role as employers vis-à-vis employees, political and community organisations. It negotiates on behalf of the universities with regard to working conditions and labour relations within the university sector and establishes the collective labour agreement.
In its role as an employers' association the VSNU sees to the signing of a collective employment agreement that will contribute optimally to the function of the university as a working organisation.
Collective Labour Agreement (CAO)
The current CAO of the Dutch Universities is valid from 1 March 2010 to 1 January 2011.

Click here to download the Collective Labour Agreement.
Social security documents
- In case of unemployment, university employees are eligible for unemployment benefit and possibly additional unemployment benefit. See BWNU regulations (only available in Dutch).
- In case of a university employee's illness or incapacity the ZANU regulation (only available in Dutch) applies; it covers the continuation of pay during illness, amongst other things.
Other activities

- promoting maximum personal development of employees
- contributing to the improvement of working conditions
- being a centre of knowledge and expertise for universities as employers
- promoting professional human resources management
- providing instruments for the control and management of salary costs.