Project Final Event: Horizon 2020 and the Modernisation of European universities - Dialogue with European policy makers, Brussels, Belgium (10 May 2012).
For the past two years EUA has conducted a major project (entitled EUIMA “European Universities Implementing their Modernisation Agenda”), a coordination action funded under the 7th Research Framework Programme of the European Commission.
The project addresses two key elements of the modernisation agenda for European universities: the sustainability of university funding, financial management and development of full costing (EUIMA-Full Costing) and the development of appropriate measurement tools and indicators for the assessment of university-based fundamental research and collaborative research with external partners reflecting the diversity of university missions (EUIMA-Collaborative Research).
A transversal focus running through the project has aimed at identifying future human resource and management development requirements. EUA has undertaken extensive research on these key elements through many workshops, study visits, case studies and consultations that bring a substantial volume of empirical evidence to underpin its findings and recommendations.
This final event of the project presents these main findings and recommendations and connects them in a timely manner to the current European policy process on the development of Horizon 2020 and its Rules of Participation and the European Research Area (ERA) policy framework. EUA has been strongly involved as a European stakeholder in the consultations on the development of Horizon 2020 as well as in the “simplification” debate, submitting several position papers on behalf of its membership.
Presentations will be made by key contributors to the EUIMA project (both from universities and external partners/agencies). Invited participants will be those who have contributed to the project’s main activities, European policy makers from the relevant European Commission Directorates General, European Parliament (ITRE and CULT Committees) and the European Council (Member State Permanent Representations in Brussels), and other major European stakeholder organisations including science/research policy journalists.
If you would like to participate in the event and receive an invitation, please send an email to For more information about the event, click here.