response to the strong interest of education researchers both in European Union countries and internationally, Cedefop is organising its 3rd International Workshop on Curriculum Innovation and Reform: Changing Assessment to Improve Learning Outcomes in 26-27 April 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
This year the workshop will be focusing on policy links. In reforming curricula and assessment, the challenge for policy is to create effective links between teaching, learning and assessing. New curricula and assessment methods are pointless unless they lead to better teaching and learning
Discussions will centre on key findings on how learning outcome approaches shape recent curriculum and assessment policies, drawing from two Cedefop related studies in 32 European countries. Policy makers, researchers and practitioners from all EU countries and beyond, and representatives of international organisations are invited to reflect on the following questions:
− How can curriculum and assessment policies strengthen each other?
− How can curriculum and assessment policies work together more effectively to improve learning outcomes in vocational education and training?
The goal of the workshop is to draw out general lessons for policy development and further research needs on two key issues:
1. Ensuring links between curriculum and assessment policies
    The alignment of standards with curricula and assessment
    The relationship between indented and assessed learning outcomes
2. Improving teaching, learning and assessment
     Innovations in teaching and assessment methods and tools
     Links between formative and summative assessment
The workshop will take an interactive approach, allowing participants to share experience and brainstorm on the various issues.
More information about this workshop will be available soon in the workshop website currently under development. Project managers in charge: Irene Psifidou and Slava Grm Pevec.