Sangeeth Sebastian. Ever dreamed of enrolling at an international university in less than half an hour? Drop in at the French Embassy, Shanti Path, this weekend, and you could be the lucky one.
The two-day Campus France Admission Tour 2012 opens on Saturday with the promise to offer admission to the brightest students in just 20 minutes - and the good news is that knowledge of French is not mandatory to make the grade.
Campus France is a public policy initiative of the French government to promote higher education abroad and the Admission Tour 2012 will see as many as 25 top French institutions hitting the road (from Delhi they'll got to Bangalore and Mumbai) to spot the right candidates and make admission offers to them.
Candidates will be selected on the basis of their academic merit and indepth interviews by the visiting university officials. 'We have plenty of options for every student, from engineering to management, language studies to hospitality,' says Bedojyoti Bhattacharjee, National Coordinator, Campus France India.
Though in the public eye France is famous for its haute fashion and gastronomy, the admission tour will focus on the strengths of French institutions in such specialist areas as nanotechnology, aeronautics, embedded systems, water management and pure sciences.
'France has achievements to show in a number of little-known but important areas and we want to promote them,' says Renaud Viley, Deputy Attaché for University Cooperation at the Embassy of France in India.
'The French institutions sending their top officials to India are keen on recruiting the best Indian students to enhance their intellectual capital,' Viley adds.
To make the invitation sweeter, the attaché points out that most of the management, business and technical programmes in French institutions of higher learning are conducted in English.
Students also can avail of a number of higher education scholarships offered by the French government via the embassy. 'We give away 362 scholarships in 2011,' says Viley. 'This year too we will disburse around the same number of scholarships.'
Campus France expects around 300 students from the Capital to attend the recruitment drive. And similar numbers in Mumbai and Bangalore before the delegation heads back to France on February 13.
'We will consider our mission to be a success if we manage to recruit at least 200 students from India by the end of this tour,' Viley says. Watch this space to see if they have done it.
    The CampusFrance Admission Tour 2012 road show will take place on February 4-5 (Saturday & Sunday) at the Embassy of France, Shanti Path, New Delhi. To download the event PDF, go to