Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s welcome
Now more than ever, we need to work together in the EU. We must dare to make difficult decisions.
We must restore confidence, security and optimism.
We must, therefore, work towards a responsible Europe. The economic rules of play must be followed effectively so that confidence in the European economies returns. During the Danish Presidency, we will facilitate progress in the negotiations for a modern and responsible framework for the EU’s budget for 2014-2020.
We need new growth and jobs in Europe. The internal market plays a key role in this regard. We will make online shopping easier and safer across national boundaries. And we will work to ensure that European companies have a strong position in the new global markets.
We must create a green Europe. We need more growth without using more energy. It can be done; Denmark has shown that it is possible. We need to conserve energy and use more sustainable energy. And we will ensure the EU a strong voice at the Rio+20 Summit.
We must create a safer Europe. This involves effectively fighting international crime and terrorism. We must work towards a good European asylum system. And Europe must have a strong voice in the world through the common foreign policy.
Denmark’s task during the Presidency is to strengthen the EU in a difficult time. Our goal is to produce tangible results that benefit individual Europeans.
We must be part of ensuring the future of Europe.
The programme and priorities for the Presidency

The programme for the Danish presidency will be presented in the beginning of January 2012 when the Danish Presidency is already underway. In the programme it will be possible to read more about the most important issues during the Danish Presidency. The four fundamental priorities for the Danish Presidency will be to contribute to:
    A responsible Europe
    A dynamic Europe
    A green Europe
    A safe Europe
The priorities will be expanded on in the coming days and placed on the website. Under each policy area you will also be able to read more about the items that are on the agenda during the Danish Presidency.