Conference 2012 "Fostering Efficiency, Excellence and Growth", Brussels, 30 January 2012, from the public consultation to the completion of ERA.
In the European Council conclusions of 4 February 2011, the Heads of State and Government called on the EU to rapidly address remaining obstacles to complete the European Research Area by 2014. In response, the Commission intends to propose a European Research Area (ERA) Framework in 2012.
From 13 September until 30 November 2011, the European Commission ran a public consultation on the ERA Framework which has collected the views of a broad range of research stakeholders on the main bottlenecks to creating a genuine single market for knowledge, research and innovation. These views need to be taken into account in preparing the Commission's ERA Framework proposal.
What is the purpose of the ERA Conference on 30 January 2012?

The conference is an important milestone in the ongoing preparations of the ERA Framework. In it, the responses to public consultation and their implications will be presented and discussed. The event will provide a platform for prominent stakeholders to testify and discuss further where they see major bottlenecks and help to mobilise a broad consensus and support for the way forward via the ERA Framework.
How is the Conference organised?
The Conference will be opened by the Research and Innovation Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn. It will gather around 400 participants from the broader research stakeholder community.
The event will start with two plenary sessions, one giving prominence to the perspectives of different research stakeholders – researchers, research performing organisations, funders, etc., and one aimed at assessing the economic implications of completing ERA in terms of growth and innovation.
These will be followed by six thematic sessions on the main ERA issues and obstacles identified in the Innovation Union Communication – i.e. researchers, cross-border operation of research, research infrastructures, international dimension, knowledge transfer and open access.
Why you should attend?

The ERA Conference will be an opportunity to:
* discover the main outcome of the public consultation and discuss their implications with a wide cross-section of the EU research stakeholder community
* engage in and contribute to the research policy debate with high-level research stakeholder representatives and policy-makers, top researchers and business leaders
* develop and deepen the consensus and commitment to act much more purposely than has been the case to date to complete ERA, and on how to do this in an efficient and effective way.
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