LogoSymposium on Eco-campuses: Training and social responsibility, Paris, France, (19-20 January 2012).

The (French) Conference of University Presidents (CPU) and the Conference of Grandes Ecoles are organising a Symposium on eco-campuses: “The adaptation of training to sustainable development and the European higher education institutions' social responsibility” on 19 and 20 January 2012, at UNESCO in Paris, France.

This symposium will address the following issues in three round tables: 

  • What are society’s expectations of higher education and research 
  • How to foster awareness and commitment of higher education leaders to social responsibility 
  • How can governance and sustainable development be articulated 
  • What should the strategy be for the eco-campus 
  • What adaptation of skills are needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow's society
For more information, see the programme in English here, or in French on the event website. See also: Colloque Développement Durable.