08 novembre 2011

Mobility Mapping Tool

http://www.eua.be/Libraries/MAUNIMO/MAUNIMO_Logo_web.sflb.ashx36 universities from 24 countries gathered at the University of Marburg, Germany, on 26 and 27 October, to discuss the launch of the testing phase of a ‘Mobility Mapping Tool’, designed by EUA and partners to help institutions reflect on how different forms of mobility are captured, recorded, and strategically analysed at European universities.
Part of the project ‘Mapping University Mobility of Staff and Students’ (MAUNIMO), the tool has been under development by the project consortium, led by EUA and including the universities of Marburg, Swansea, Oslo and Trento, and will continue to be scrutinised and improved by the 32 additional pilot universities that were selected after an open call for interest to EUA membership.
The Marburg Induction Seminar was an occasion to consider the political pressures and frameworks to which the project is responding, which includes the 20% mobility benchmark of the Bologna Process; a new strategy for mobility in the European Higher Education Area - currently being prepared by the Bologna Follow Up Group; and European Union mobility targets and policy incentives under EU2020. Participating universities were given an opportunity to reflect on what their current institutional needs and challenges are when it comes to improving mobility, as well as what types of data they currently collect and why. The 36 universities will be testing the Mobility Mapping Tool in their universities over the next few months, and are offered an opportunity to stimulate internal discussions across different faculties, departments, offices and representatives groups.
MAUNIMO is co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission and will conclude in September 2012 with a dissemination conference in Oslo, Norway.

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