the Project
Every year, ESN launches a survey that explores the current issues connected to academic and non-academic mobility. This is one of the biggest and most successful projects of ESN - in the last years more than 40.000 students responded to our online surveys. Many associations - student, teacher, academic, European, as well as various institutions collaborated with us in the project.
Through the gathered opinions of students, ESN gets a better insight in to the issues and is able to represent the students' real needs. ESN passes the results to the main stakeholders in higher education and mobility programmes: European Commission, National Agencies of Erasmus Programme, higher education institutions and all associations concerned with the topic. We believe that our work fosters mobility and improves the quality of exchange for young people in Europe and beyond.
ESNSurvey 2011
Aim of the ESNSurvey 2011

ESNSurvey 2011 "Exchange, Employment and Added Value". The financial crisis and the resulting troubles for the Euro have put European labour market mobility more than ever in the focus of attention. A high degree of flexibility and mobility is the best remedy to overcome the structural differences making the functioning and governing of the Eurozone as challenging as it is today. One of the most promising approaches to promote labour mobility is to increase student mobility.
The mobile students of today will be the mobile labour market participants of tomorrow, or so the idea goes. We want to provide further evidence and insight into that line of arguing with our 2011 edition of the ESN Survey. In addition, we have shorter parts exploring the impact of student mobility on the environment, satisfaction with student organisations and their impact on volunteering.
For ESN sections

Participate with your ESN section in the ESNSurvey project and help us reach as many students as possible by forwarding our e-mail about the ESNSurvey (available upon request at to your ESN members, exchange students and regular students at your university. With your help, we will make a real difference and contribute to the improvement of student mobility. Answering the survey takes less than 15 minutes, and you have the opportunity to win 1 out of 3 iPods.
After closure of the ESNSurvey, we can provide - upon request - your section with the survey results coming exclusively from the exchange students of your city or country. The results could be presented to your university. You can also request a free printed booklet with the complete survey results for your section.
For universities

If you want to join this ESN project, the only thing to do is to forward our e-mail (available upon request at to your present exchange students and, if possible, to publish information about the ESNSurvey on your university website.
All the students who fully complete the questionnaire and answer two additional questions will have a chance to win a special ESNSurvey prize.
After closure of the ESNSurvey (end of September), we can provide each university – upon request – the survey results coming exclusively from their students. In this way, the ESNSurvey can offer a different point of view on the work of the university towards their students. Positive results can eventually be used as a good promotion of the university.
For National Agencies and educational associations

If your organisation or National Agency wants to become a supporter of the ESNSurvey project, we would kindly ask you to:
    express your willingness to participate in the project at
    forward the email about ESNSurvey 2011 to your members and to all students you are in contact with
    publish the information about the ESNSurvey project on your website and in your newsletter if you have one
To thank you for the support, we will publish your logo on the ESN website in the section of ESNSurvey Partners as well as mention your organisation in the printed booklet with the report on the ESNSurvey results. Additionally, you will receive a free copy of the printed booklet.