43rd EUCEN European Conference will be held at the University of Graz, Austria, from Wed 09 to Fri 11 May 2012. The motto of the conference will be “Universities’ Engagement in and with Society. The ULLL contribution”. Within the wider European Policy context of Lifelong Learning and "The European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity" in 2012, this conference will examine the contribution of the universities, through their lifelong learning opportunities, to the development of society.
The four strands will be focusing on:

• ULLL initiating/accompanying innovation and development in regional businesses, NGOs and the public sector
• Community learning: concepts, practice, outreach work
• ULLL providing new learning opportunities for individual wellbeing, civic engagement and second careers in later life (intergenerational learning; productivity…)
• Supporting the individual learner (Who are our learners today and tomorrow? Work-life-education balance – what works? New teaching and learning methods, the role of new social media; part-time provision; workplace learning; quality assurance)
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