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17 août 2011

Final Report of the Synergies Expert Group Expert group on synergies between FP7, the CIP and the Cohesion Policy Funds (Synergies Expert Group -SEG) started its work in October 2010 with the task to produce recommendations
• for the development of ‘synergies in practice’ for the current programming period,
• concerning enhanced “synergies of policies and programmes” for R&D, innovation and cohesion for the next programming period, and
• in particular for the future of the two regional actions in FP7, Regions of Knowledge (RoK) and the Research Potential (REGPOT).
The SEG defined ‘synergies’ as the alignment of and cooperation between policy frameworks, programmes and actions allowing more and better attainment of their objectives. For the current programming period, the SEG recommends to use the remaining time for exploring and testing the possibilities for enhancing the interoperability of the programmes and instruments when defining and implementing the FP7 work programmes.
In the next programming period, the Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation (CSFRI) will promote ‘excellence’ and the part of Common Strategic Framework for Cohesion Policy (CSFCP) related to research and technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship will focus on ‘capacity building’. ‘Smart specialisation’ has to be developed and complementarity has to be ensured with Europe 2020 and – even more – with the Innovation Union flagship initiative. This has to be supported by both CSFRI and the CSFCP that should be complementary to each other in the areas of RTDI and education and training. Download the Final Report of the Synergies Expert Group.
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