session: 7 - 9  November 2011, Dublin, Ireland. Venue: Raymond Pierre Bodin. Conference Centre, Eurofound.

Demographic change is one of the key challenges faced by many Western societies, whose effects will stay a major concern in the years ahead. The phenomenon of demographic ageing is a consequence of people living longer than ever before but fewer children being born, which translates into growing dependency ratios (dependent/productive population ratio) and the possibility that the active population is not replaced in the short term.
Demographic ageing is particularly acute in Europe. If trends are sustained, with each generation there will be less people (productive population) contributing to the welfare state policies, mainly state pensions and healthcare systems, needed by an increasing number of people outside the labour market (older people mainly). Therefore, ageing threatens the macroeconomic performance and competitiveness of European countries and the sustainability of social protection systems, especially against the background of poor economic performance and austerity in public budgets.
Objectives of the seminar

The Foundation Seminar Series (FSS) 2011-2012, now in its 8th edition, aims to contribute to the active ageing strategy by putting forward arguments and case studies showing how improved working conditions may contribute to keeping older workers employed. The current edition of the FSS will be particularly timely, since 2012 will be the European Year of Active Ageing.
The 1st session of FSS will focus on various initiatives aimed at improving working conditions for older workers around three main areas, where older workers may face particular challenges. These areas are:   
* Increasing training opportunities
* Developing health management
* Providing adequate work organisation
The objective of the FSS is to provide training in the subject area by mapping out the situation at European level and in the member states and familiarise participants with the work of the European Foundation in the specific area. More information on the programme of the event will be available soon.
Contact details

Further information is available from Oscar Vargas (Research Officer), Cécile Deneys (Assistant to the Research Unit) or Catherine Preston (Head-External Communications).