04 juin 2011

Transfert de la formation professionnelle continue des détenus aux Régions

Retourner à la page d'accueil de Légifrance LOI n° 2011-525 du 17 mai 2011 de simplification et d'amélioration de la qualité du droit (1).
L'article 9 de la loi n° 2009-1436 du 24 novembre 2009 pénitentiaire est ainsi rédigé :
« Art. 9.-L'Etat peut, à titre expérimental pour une durée maximale de quatre ans à compter du 1er janvier suivant la promulgation de la présente loi, confier par convention aux régions ou à la collectivité territoriale de Corse, sur leur demande, l'organisation et le financement des actions de formation professionnelle continue des personnes détenues dans les établissements pénitentiaires situés sur leur territoire.
« L'Etat participe au financement des charges supplémentaires en crédits et en personnel supportées par chaque région expérimentatrice du fait de l'expérimentation. A ce titre, les services ou parties des services qui participent à l'exercice de la compétence faisant l'objet de cette expérimentation peuvent être mis à disposition de la région expérimentatrice, à titre gratuit et pour une quotité de travail à déterminer, dans les conditions prévues à l'article 112 de la loi n° 2004-809 du 13 août 2004 relative aux libertés et responsabilités locales.
« Six mois avant le terme de la période prévue au premier alinéa, le Gouvernement adresse au Parlement un rapport sur la mise en œuvre de cette expérimentation. »

Ritorn għall-Légifrance home page ATT Nru 2011-525 tas-17 Mejju 2011 biex jissimplifika u jtejjeb il-kwalità tal-liġi (1). "Art. 9.-L-Istat jista ', fuq bażi sperimentali għal massimu ta' erba 'snin mill-1 ta' Jannar wara l-promulgazzjoni ta 'dan l-Att, b' konvenzjoni assenjati għal reġjuni jew kollettività territorjali ta 'Korsika, fuq talba tagħhom, il- organizzazzjoni u finanzjament ta 'taħriġ vokazzjonali kontinwu tal-priġunieri fil-ħabsijiet li jinsabu fit-territorju tagħhom. More...

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QS World University Rankings by Subject 2011: Arts & Humanities

http://www.topuniversities.com/sites/www.topuniversities.com/files/imagecache/asset_info_full/articles/arts-university-rankings-small.gifOur latest QS World University Rankings by Subject release is the Arts and Humanities university rankings, providing the 2011 rankings for the top 200 universities in the world offering arts and humanities degrees.
Il est très intéressant de voir comment les Universités françaises classées y sont présentées.
Cinq établissements français figurent dans ce classement "Arts and Humanities": Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris 4, Sorbonne, Paris 7, Diderot, l'ENS Paris et Strasbourg.

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English Language and Literature Rankings.
Dans cette catégorie, deux universités françaises. La première, Paris 4, est classée entre 51-100, la seconde, Paris 7 entre 151-200.

The University of Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV offers the widest range of subjects in arts, languages and social sciences of all Paris universities. The University is simultaneously a large undergraduate university and one of the most prestigious research universities in the world.
Paris 7 Is situated in the first university region of France: the French island that has less than 17 universities and some 250 000 students. Like other well known universities , the university Paris 7 - Denis Diderot provides high standard education to students in the bachelors, masters and doctorate studies. Nevertheless, Paris 7 is unique in comparison to the other 8 parisian universities due to its multidisciplinary curriculum. With 2300 faculties, researchers and 1100 administrative and technical support personnel, Paris 7 welcomes today 27000 students and offers a wide range of disciplines that cover 3 sectors : the letters and the human sciences, the sciences and health. Paris 7 groups together more than 130 teams and laboratories that take an innovative research on an international scale and more half are associated with well known research organizations such as CNRS, INSERM...

Modern Languages Rankings.

Dans cette catégorie, trois établissements français. Le premier, Paris 4, est classée 19e mondiale, les seconds et troisième, l'ENS Paris et Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, sont classés entre 51-100.
The Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Paris) ranks first - not only in France but in continental Europe as a whole - according to the Times Higher Education Supplement. The ENS has held this preeminent position for years running and is widely considered to be the most selective and most challenging institution of higher learning and research in France.
Founded in 1794, the ENS has long been a national legend. Unrivaled in training leading French intellectuals in all fields the ENS counts amongst its alumni such figures as Henri Bergson, Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Foucault, Louis Pasteur, Paul Langevin and Laurent Schwartz. In mathematics all French Fields Medals are held by ENS alumni, as are all 12 French Nobel prizes across all disciplines. Since 1945, the ENS has garnered half of the National Research (CNRS) Gold Medals, France's topmost research award. Nearly every field of knowledge and research is represented at the ENS. Because of its competitive admittance process, the ENS has the luxury of remaining on a human scale : it counts approximately 2500 students. Most research centers and facilities, even student dormitories, are situated in the historical buildings of the rue d'Ulm, located in the heart of Paris' student Latin Quarter. Unlike other French universities, the ENS prides itself on fostering a true community of students and a rich campus life. Intellectual and cultural events abound, from conferences, films, concerts and debates, to athletic and social events, to cozy cafés and welcoming restaurants both inside and nearby school buildings. Students are selected for their intellectual promise, on the basis of their synthetic and critical faculties, as well as the breadth and depth of their knowledge in one or more academic field, in either the sciences or the humanities. Enrolled students are completing or have just completed their undergraduate studies. Upon matriculation from the ENS, students can obtain the prestigious "ENS Diploma" (an advanced M.A) or a Ph.D. degree. The ENS is internationally renowned for its outstanding research teams and laboratories, and for excellence in training through research: it fosters creativity and innovation through the best of intellectual environments. Every student engages with the leading French and international academics in his field and benefits from close one-on-one tutorship with the advisor of his choosing. The ENS renowned libraries are another of its many assets; the main humanities library, for instance, has a remarkable collection of open-stack books, a rarity much envied in Paris and in France. The Ecole Normale Supérieure is increasingly seeking to recruit outstanding international students. An International Selection process was established in 2002: every spring, twenty foreign students are admitted for a period of three years during which they receive a monthly 1000 euro stipend. Foreign students may enroll for one or more years through one of the many exchange programs, and also apply directly.
With eight hundred years of excellence to build on, the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, a descendant of the Sorbonne and the Faculty of Law and Economics of Paris, is one of the largest universities in France today. Some forty thousand students are enrolled in 14 teaching and research departments (Unités de Formation et de Recherche) and 5 Institutes, which offer top level degree courses in law, political science, economics, management and the humanities. The university is located in the heart of the Latin quarter, in the largest campus in the world, and occupies part of the Sorbonne and other prestigious French university buildings. Paris I is at the centre of a rich network of international relations stretching across the five continents and continues to play a major role in the training of researchers, academics, judges, lawyers, senior managers and top French civil servants. At the cross-roads of tradition and modernity, Paris 1 is at the forefront of research and teaching in the fields of European studies, international relations, management and communications. It aims to be a major pole of research and learning in Europe in the 21st century.

History Rankings.

Dans cette catégorie, une seule Université française figure au classement au 41e rang: Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Philosophy Rankings.

Dans cette catégorie, quatre établissements français. Le premier, Paris 4, est classée 30e mondiale, le second, Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, est classé 47e, et troisième, l'ENS Paris est classé entre 51-100 et Strasbourg est classé entre 101-150.
Since January 1st 2009, three universities located in Strasbourg: Louis Pasteur, Marc Bloch and Robert Schuman have merged to form the new University of Strasbourg. Thus we only provide for this year's survey compiled data for this new institution. The University of Strasbourg is now a unique, comprehensive university covering all the fields of higher education. It is also the largest French university: 41058 students (including 20.5% foreign students), 11423 trainees in lifelong education, 4635 permanent staff (including 2477 teaching staff, 1872 technical and administrative staff), associated with 1386 researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff of the research organizations (CNRS, Inserm and INRA). Courses are taught in 37 faculties, schools and institutes, and research performed in 86 laboratories and research centers. The University of Strasbourg is strongly research-oriented and nearly 400 doctoral theses are submitted annually. It is also a university in the heart of the city of Strasbourg, located on 4 major sites and several other locations in the region of Alsace, counting more than 110 buildings (600 000 m2) and 80 hectares of land. The University of Strasbourg has also a strong commitment to build an Upper Rhine academic community with the Universities of Basel, Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Mulhouse.
Geography & Area Studies Rankings.

Dans cette catégorie, une seule Université française figure au classement entre 101-150: Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Linguistics Rankings.
Aucune université française n'est classée dans cette catégorie.

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L’étudiante de Rennes 2 avait piraté le système informatique pour augmenter ses notes

http://www.ouest-france.fr/design/images/logo_ouestfrancefr.pngUne étudiante de Rennes 2 a été placée en garde à vue ce mardi au commissariat de Rennes. En juin 2010, elle s’était introduite dans le système informatique de l’université de Rennes 2 afin de modifier ses notes et obtenir son master en psychologie.
En tant que vacataire à la fac, elle disposait des codes informatiques. Sauf que le procédé était « grossier » et les informaticiens de l’université ont découvert la manipulation et déposé plainte.
Les enquêteurs de la sûreté départementale ont démasqué la jeune femme qui a été interpellée aujourd’hui. Le parquet devra décider de suites judiciaires à donner. Quant à l’université, elle a déjà pris des sanctions envers la « pirate ». Elle n’aura pas le droit de passer des examens avant cinq ans.
http://www.ouest-france.fr/design/images/logo_ouestfrancefr.png Mae myfyriwr o Rennes 2 ei rhoi yn y ddalfa ar ddydd Mawrth yng ngorsaf yr heddlu o Rennes. Ym mis Mehefin 2010 ei fod wedi cyflwyno i'r system gyfrifiadurol ym Mhrifysgol Rennes 2 er mwyn newid ei graddau ac yn cael ei gradd meistr mewn seicoleg.
Fel cynorthwy-ydd yn y brifysgol, hi oedd y codau cyfrifiadur.
Heblaw bod y broses yn "anghwrtais" a'r Brifysgol TG wedi darganfod a'u ffeilio trin cwynion. Mwy...

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