the renewal of learning and teaching in the field of aboriginal issues: DIALOG’s Nomadic University
The Nomadic University is an innovative training program created in 2007 by the DIALOG network - Research and knowledge network relating to Aboriginal Peoples. It is one of our knowledge mobilization initiatives developed over the years to encourage the sharing of knowledge, skills and learning between the academic and Aboriginal milieus.
Through the Nomadic University’s activities, DIALOG offers interactive and dynamic teaching that fosters the development of a reflective and comprehensive understanding of Aboriginal issues. The training team for each session includes DIALOG researchers, students, and Aboriginal partners and reflects the inter-institutional, interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration that characterizes DIALOG. The hands-on learning experience offered by the program occurs within the context of recognized academic curricula and enables students to obtain academic credits. The Nomadic University welcomes students from various universities, researchers, stakeholders, practitioners, civil society actors and the general public.
DIALOG’s Nomadic University is born out of a need, in Québec, Canada and in the rest of the world, to develop alternative approaches to learning in the field of research relating to Aboriginal peoples. Indeed, although a growing recognition about the necessity to renew research methodologies and epistemologies reflecting Aboriginal worldviews exists and has influenced the development of research approaches and ethics guidelines respecting these views, mainstream courses provided within social sciences academic programs (undergraduate and graduate alike), in their frame and content fail to make the changes required to address this recognition. Furthermore, there remains, to this day, an unfulfilled demand in terms of training of non-aboriginal civil servants, practitioners and fieldworkers, who wish to gain greater knowledge about the history and effects of colonialism and to be better equipped for understanding Aboriginal cultures and adapt their practices accordingly. Animated by its vision, which aims at constructing a space for innovative discussion and exchange between First Peoples and academia, DIALOG has developed the Nomadic University: an innovative training program designed to offer a response to these needs. More...