Education Partnerships and Collaboration
IAU is a membership organization, and, as such, developing partnerships with and amongst its members is one of the core aims of the Association and a central function of its work. IAU strives to bring its members together – acting as a platform for sharing of information, action on common goals, and the development of partnerships.
Working in partnerships, and focusing on networking opportunities has become a central feature and indeed an essential dimension of higher education today, and IAU proudly both pursues its goals in partnership with institutions and organizations around the world, and develops initiatives to bring its Members and others together.
IAU has long standing partnerships with many organizations, a list of which is too long to detail here, and always works with institutions, associations and other partners when undertaking its annual International Conferences, its bi-annual Global Meeting of Associations, some of the expert seminars it conveys, as just one set of examples. These conferences help build partnerships amongst attendees. IAU also developed a new and long standing projects and initiatives which aim to build partnerships. For example, the Leadership Development for Higher Education Reform (LEADHER) programme provides grants to bring together IAU Member institutions, for knowledge sharing, mutual learning and partnership development. As well, projects like the newly launched Internationalization Strategies Advisory Service (ISAS) lead to mutual, beneficial, detailed and long standing partnerships between IAU and the universities using this new service.
To try and build mutually beneficial partnerships with higher education stakeholders across the world, IAU staff and Administrative Board Members, represent the Association at a large number of international conferences and meetings every year, and several senior members of staff are part of Advisory Boards and other such bodies, for specific projects and/or initiatives.
Finally, IAU has recently revisited the IAU Associate membership category and opened it up to well known and respected leaders and experts in higher education who share some of IAU’s goals and values, and wishing to enhance their personal collaboration with the Association. Connected to the information dissemination programme, Associates attend conferences and participate in IAU projects. IAU trusts this will be of benefit to the overall network. IAU will continue to build projects and initiatives to further partnership building amongst its members, both now and into the future.
This In Focus section focuses specifically on University partnerships and specific aspects of this broader issue have been addressed by authors from around the world, and working at IAU Member Institutions and partners. Topics include:
- University networks/associations: strategic alliances?
- International partnership/cooperation models
- Research Partnerships
- Partnerships for development
- Institution/ industry partnerships
- Joint programmes and dual/double degrees
- Multi Stakeholder partnerships
IAU maintains strong relations with the Education Sector at UNESCO and interviewed Mr. Q.Tang, ADG, Education on the Sector’s dynamics.