April 2011, İstanbul, Turkey, Conference theme:
This 5th Seminar of European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) Network on Between Global and Local: Adult Learning and Development is organized by ESREA and Boğaziçi University (Turkey) in İstanbul on April 28-30, 2011.
In the first seminar of the network, participants focused on Human Development and Adult Learning in Faro (Portugal) in 2006. In 2008, the seminar was in Wroclaw (Poland) and the topics were grouped under the title ‘Local and Global’, and focused on adult learning and community development. In Magdeburg (Germany) the Seminar focused on learning landscapes between the mainstream and the margins, in 2009. In Seville (Spain), in 2010, participants discussed transforming and researching communities.
The fifth seminar of the network will focus on changing paradigms in the field of adult education and learning, and will discuss how adult education and learning can continue contributing to local development in the global era.
Adult education and learning has been conceptualized and positioned in line with the demands of neo-liberal economy and policies particularly since the 1970s. In this view of things, adult education and learning becomes one of the means to acquire a qualified, flexible and competitive labour force. Such approaches based on human capital theory and organizational effectiveness subordinate the individual and the society to the demands of the market economy.
However, the learning needs of adults cannot be limited to vocational skills compatible with the requirements of the market. Since the foundation of adult education as a field, there have been radical, humanistic and other perspectives that offer different ways of thinking about adult education and learning that have valuable implications for encompassing diverse needs of the individual and society; and for contributing to local development and empowerment. Within the scope of this seminar, we would like to hear the voices of such perspectives focusing on adult education and learning in different contexts, and spaces.
Within this framework, we would welcome all the papers that are connected with, but not limited to, the sub-themes below.
    * Impact of neo-liberal transformation on conceptulization and practices of adult education and learning.
    * The role of adult educator for local development and community empowerment
    * Community education as emancipation
    * Emancipatory role of adult education and learning
    * Learning in social movements and local change.
    * Adult literacy: an everlasting and permanent issue.
    * Research trends in adult education and learning
    * Role of media and information technologies on adult education and learning.