11-13 April 2011, Trondheim, Norway. Conference theme:
Adult Learning – commitments, contexts and critical perspectives.
The idea of lifelong learning has an important position in modern society, both in the policy and research fields. In spite of, or rather because of this position, it is important to actualize some fundamental areas of adult learning. In 2011, the Nordic Conference on Adult Learning is focusing on commitments, contexts and critical perspectives.
Possible questions are:
How do individuals in different positions, groups and arenas deal with the civic obligation to learn?
What are the patterns of participation and the oppositions to these requirements?
What are the benefits of and dividends from adult learning, for whom and in what way?
How can conditions for learning be described in terms of possibilities and restrictions in varied contexts, and in the local, regional and global arenas?
How do researchers contribute to and critically question the phenomenon that is adult learning?
These are examples of questions that are important to adult learning in Nordic contexts. Exploring the three-fold dimensions separately or in combination may also give rise to related topics, such as identity, active citizenship and social inclusion/exclusion, all concepts with their meanings, boundaries and counter positions. The same applies to adult learning in relation to such settings as work, civic education, formal adult education, higher education, popular/liberal adult education, informal situations and so on. We welcome research from various disciplines with a variety of perspectives and methodologies, all contributing to the mixed practice of adult learning. The conference language is English.
The Nordic Conference on Adult Learning
The conference is a continuation of the conferences from the 1990s on adult education research in the Nordic countries, revived in 2005 as the Nordic Conferences on Adult Learning. Earlier conferences have been held in Turku 2005, Linköping 2007 and Middelfart 2009. The fourth conference in 2011 will be held in Trondheim and will be hosted by the Lifelong Learning Research Centre (ViLL) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The conference is sponsored by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management at NTNU.