EUPRIO Annual Conference 2010 in Stresa, Italy, 1-4 September 2010, “University Communicators establish their roles towards 2020”. Stresa 2010 will be a defining moment in the history of Euprio’s annual conferences. Past conferences have focused on networking, updating, further developing our professional skills and knowledge and developing cooperation through a series of traditional plenary speeches and workshops. Stresa 2010 will be totally different.

Taking an alternative approach it will provide new ideas and insights.  It will enable us to develop new skills and find innovative ways to do our job. Stresa 2010 will not only help us to become “more professional”. It will help us to become winners.
We don’t have a shared view of university communications.  Across Europe there are huge differences between our roles, what we call ourselves, what we do, the skills and abilities we have and the salaries we earn.  The current economy has changed the way we need to perform as a profession. We feel less secure about the stability of our jobs with many people experiencing redundancies and restructures in their place of work.
In order to succeed we need to embrace change and move away from the more traditional approaches of practising communications. And, critically, over the next ten years we will all have a vital contribution to make in supporting the development of the Bologna process.