Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training7th International Workshop on Higher Education Reform (HER): “Reform of University Governance: Trends, Policies, Fads, and Experience in Comparative Perspective”. 7-8 October 2010, Vancouver, Canada.
Higher Education Reform in South East Asia (Japan and China). Vertical Differentiation as a Governance Strategy – the Case of the German ‘Excellence Initiative-. Impacts of University Education Reform on Faculty Perceptions of Workload in Japan-Satoshi. Restructuring the Japanese Higher Education Terrain: Faculty Perspectives of the 2004 Reforms. University autonomy, academic freedom and intellectuals: Is there a Chinese model?
Higher Education in Indonesia, Panel: Higher Education in Indonesia: University Governance, Autonomy, and Networking.
Developments in University Governance in Mexico. Panel: Mexican Higher Education Governance After Two Decades of Quality Assurance.
Issues of Higher Education Governance in Germany. Vertical Differentiation as a Governance Strategy – the Case of the German ‘Excellence Initiative’.
Why University Governance Fails - Sociological explanation of the excessive use and failure of management by objectives.
Differentiation makes discrimination. How the growing differences in federal research funding entails discrimination for the second-best universities.
Developments in University Governance in Latin America. Federal Policies and Governance Universities in Mexico, 1990-2010.
International forces shaping Latin American higher education governance. The governance of public and private institutions of higher education in Mexico: Changes in their relationship with the State and the market. Higher Education Reform in Ecuador: A Movement against Neoliberalism and Academic Capitalism?
Registration (opens July 1 - Closes September 30, 2010). Programme HER10 draft. See also the article G8 University Summit.