poster of the day illustrating various learning contexts, 14 April BarcelonaEUCIS -LLL Conference on the Social Dimension of Education and Training in Europe, 14 April 2010 Barcelona, Spain.
The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) gathers 19 major European networks in education and training. Its goal is to offer a collaborative space for education and training actors to build a collective voice to weight on EU political decisions. The members share a common definition on lifelong learning as a continuous process that is not limited to formal education but also includes non formal and informal learning. Together, these networks represent thousands of teachers, animators, school heads, HR professionals, trainers, schools, universities.
W1 - Active ageing and intergenerational solidarity, innovative partnerships for inclusive societies
The EU may launch a European Year on active ageing and intergenerational solidarity in 2012. What should be the priorities in the field of Education and Training? How to better share the innovative partnerships that already exist between non formal education, formal education, VET or higher education? What do these examples teach us? What are the limits? These transectoral partnerships are also very positive in other sectors of lifelong learning, how to encourage them at national and European levels?
W2 - Social innovation in LLL: new ways to provide new skills for new societies
This workshop aims to discuss about new ways to teach and learn in Europe that contribute to lifelong learner-centred systems. What are the tools to develop to achieve the permeability of education and training systems? Examples of innovative experiences to develop methods for assessing and validating knowledge as well as to provide an effective lifelong learning guidance to learners. What is the effect of peer learning and motivation on learning achievements? How to promote transversal competences (active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, learning to learn) in practice...