TRENDS 2010: The European Higher Education Area – Achievements and future challenges. 11 March 2010, University of Vienna, Austria.
This event provides a unique opportunity to witness the first presentation of the Trends 2010 report that will analyse and draw conclusions on the implementation of the Bologna process reforms in Europe’s universities over the last decade. These developments will, moreover, be set in the context of the wider changes and reforms processes that have marked the last decade in European higher education. Trends 2010 will both look at the considerable achievements of 10 years of higher education reforms and identify the challenges facing universities as the European Higher Education Area is established and all partners in the process seek to define priorities for the next decade. This special event, chaired by Eric Froment, Adviser International Affairs, PRES Université de Lyon, France and founding President of EUA, will begin with an introductory presentation on the Bologna reforms given by Georg Winckler, Rector of the University of Vienna and former President of EUA. This will be followed by the presentation of the Trends 2010 report. Before opening a discussion with participants, representatives of the universities visited in the preparation of the report will also be asked for their input and question.