24 janvier 2010

World Universities Congress, 20-24 october 2010, Çanakkale, Turquie

In October 2010, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University will be organising a World Universities Congress on the theme: "What should be the new aims and responsibilities of universities within the framework of global issues?"
The main responsibilities of universities around the world have traditionally been to offer education and training leading to a profession, to conduct scientific research, and to provide other services to the community. However, in a world where global issues are increasingly impacting on daily life, universities today have a duty to assume more responsibility in a wider field.
The trend towards globalisation, resulting from factors such as efforts to integrate national economies, an increase in international and intercultural relations, and the disappearance of national borders in the sphere of communications, has brought with it a number of problems. It is therefore necessary for topics such as those listed below to be discussed at university level. Universities need to redefine their aims and responsibilities and to make and share suggestions for lasting solutions on international platforms. In addition to the three traditional tasks mentioned above, universities need to define their duties and objectives with regard to the following topics: Understanding and preventing global climate change, Preventing global terrorism, Eradicating global poverty, Solving the problems of global migration, Eradicating inequalities in income distribution, Eradicating injustice in health services, Eradicating inequality in educational opportunities, Proposing solutions to environmental pollution, Preventing regional conflicts, Securing world peace, Protecting cultural heritage, Developing lasting solutions to rapid population growth, Expanding the role of non-governmental organisations in local and international developments.
These issues, which threaten the whole of mankind, cannot be solved only by international or transnational organisations, such as the United Nations, European Union, UNESCO, OECD and G8, or by governments alone. Universities can make a significant contribution by participating in the debate. In order to assist in resolving these issues, universities need first of all to include relevant goals in their strategic planning, to create research and training centres, and to rethink their teaching programmes. Universities will have the opportunity to determine what can be done during sessions at the Congress.
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University intends to bring together universities and other closely associated institutions, researchers and intellectuals, and to provide a wide-ranging forum to discuss the above-mentioned and similar global issues threatening our planet and the new tasks and roles of universities in the process of seeking solutions. We therefore look forward to hearing your views and suggestions with regard to the goals and themes of the World Universities Congress which Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University will host from 20th - 24th October 2010 and we would most value your participation in the Congress.
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi, Ekim 2010'da "
Küresel sorunlar çerçevesinde üniversitelerin yeni hedef ve görevleri neler olmalıdır?" temalı bir Dünya Üniversiteler Kongresi organize etmektedir. Tüm dünyada üniversitelerin ana işlevleri; meslek kazandırma amaçlı eğitim/öğretim, bilimsel araştırma ve kamuya yönelik diğer hizmetler olarak belirlenebilir. Ancak, çağdaş üniversitelere, gündemde yer almaya başlayan küresel sorunlar konusunda da büyük görev ve sorumluluklar düşmektedir.

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