25 octobre 2009

Le bureau de l'AFPA au château de Béhoust

Jean-Luc Vergne reçoit en son château. Le président de l'Association nationale pour la formation professionnelle des adultes (AFPA), Jean-Luc Vergne, a réuni son bureau les 15 et 16 octobre au château de Béhoust, dans les Yvelines. Celui qui est aussi DRH de BPCE (Banques populaires-Caisses d'épargne) était en terrain connu car la superbe propriété, avec practice de golf et piscine, appartient à l'Ecureuil. On ne connaît pas le menu, mais le programme est bien connu: « L’Afpa n’est plus sur un marché public mais elle remplit des missions de service public »
Les membres du Bureau de l'AFPA:
Représentants des Pouvoirs publics * Jean-Luc VERGNE, Président de l’AFPA et Directeur Général Ressources Humaines, membre du Directoire de BPCE, * Jean-Marc BETEMPS, représentant du Ministère du Budget, des Comptes publics et de la Fonction publique, * François BONNEAU, représentant de l'ARF et Président de la région Centre, * Alain BETTERICH, représentant du Ministère de l'Economie, de l'Industrie et de l'Emploi.
Représentants des Employeurs: * Jean BROUCHARD, représentant de la CGPME, * Jean-Claude DUPRAZ, représentant de la FFB, * Bernard FALCK, représentant du MEDEF, * Olivier ROBERT DE MASSY, Vice-président de l'AFPA et représentant du MEDEF, * Daniel SOURY LA VERGNE, Trésorier de l'AFPA et représentant du MEDEF.
Représentants des Salariés: * Marcel BEUTIN, représentant de la CFTC, * Paul DESAIGUES, Vice-président de l'AFPA et représentant de la CGT, * Daniel JAMME, représentant de la CFDT, * Alain LECANU, représentant de la CFE-CGC, * Mariz-Suzie PUNGIER, Secrétaire de l'AFPA et représentante de la CGT-FO.
Autres Membres: * Bertrand MARTINOT, Commissaire du gouvernement, * Bernard GENTRIC, Contrôleur général économique et financier, * Philippe CAILA, Directeur général de l'AFPA, * Patrick Pottrain, Secrétaire général de la Gouvernance.
Ordföranden i Riksförbundet för yrkesutbildning för vuxna (AFPA), Jean-Luc Vergne, samlades hans kontor på 15 och 16 oktober på Castle Béhoust i Yvelines.Han är även av mänskliga resurser BPCE (Banques Populaires, Caisses d'Epargne) var bekant grund för den vackra egendom, med golf driving range och pool hör till ekorre. Vi vet inte på menyn, men programmet är välkänd: "Det AFPA är inte längre en offentlig marknad, men det utför offentliga uppgifter". De ansvariga på AFPA. Mer...

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Learning in later life - Intergenerational cooperation

http://www.eaea.org/kuvat/eaea_yp_2005-04.gif"Learning in later life -In the context of an ageing society young and old are more and more faced with new learning needs of older adults and vice versa. Older adults- even if they are not willing to learn-are forced to cope with the changes of modern life to keep social contacts. It brings chances and challenges, but also risks and threats for young and old.. This is a complete new challenge to adult educators, teachers, trainers, facilitators, as well as to learners and students from all ages. Special competencies are therefore needed.
Trainers: Jim Soulsby. Jim has worked in the field of learning in later life for over 20 years. Working with NIACE (National Institute for Adult Continuing Education), Jim developed international interest in specialist educational opportunities for older people. Prior his work at NIACE Jim was based at the University of Central Lancashire. He is currently the development coordinator for the Association for Education and Ageing (AEA) and also facilitates or advises on a range of older learners initiatives. Jumbo Klercq He is since 1989 active in transnational projects and is senior development officer for Odyssee, Vice-president of EAEA and second secretary of ICIP. He was coordinator of the European Education Network (EEN) and the Pan-European Forum of Education for the Elderly (PEFETE) .He was involved in the training of trainers project in many countries.
Details: Deadline for applications to the National Agencies is MIDDLE OF JANUARY 2010  Intergenerational cooperation", MAY 5-9, 2010, Larnaka City, Cyprus.
Contact: Klitos Symeonides, President of the Cyprus Adult Education Association (seminar-course manager), email: klitossy@cytanet.com.cy. In order to apply for funds to cover the expenses, you need a letter of acceptance from the seminar manager.

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Adult education: response to global crisis

http://www.eaea.org/kuvat/eaea_yp_2005-04.gifSTRENGHTS AND CHALLENGES OF THE PROFESSION, 14 November 2009, Belgrade, Serbia.
The conference will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (Cika Ljubina 18‐20, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia).
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Department for Andragogy, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, in cooperation with the Institute for Pedagogy and Andragogy, European Association for Education of Adults (EAEA) and Adult Education Society is organizing the International Conference: Adult Education: Response to Global Crisis ‐ Strengths and Challenges of the Profession.
The aim of the Conference is to offer different perspectives on adult education professionals and their competencies. The conference will provide an overview on the state of the art concerning the professional development of adult educators, diversity of their qualification needs and versatile provision in formal, non formal and informal environment. The conference will provide insight into the possibilities of professionally educated staff to ensure adequate response to global crisis.
The conference will include researchers, academic staff, practitioners - adult educators and trainers, policy makers etc. We would like to encourage networking and sharing of ideas and experiences of participants working in different areas of adult education and training. For number of local participants this would be an opportunity to develop their potentials and come up with new perspectives on the local implications and solutions to the crises.

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39th EUCEN Conference: "Lifelong Learning for the New Decade"

http://www.ulapland.fi/images/20091014161229.gif"Lifelong Learning for the New Decade", 39th EUCEN Conference, 27-29 May 2010, Rovaniemi, Finland.
Welcome to Rovaniemi! The University of Lapland is proud to host the 39th EUCEN Conference on 27-29 May 2010. It will offer you an excellent opportunity to share ideas and experiences concerning ULLL in Europe, meet old friends and make new ones. Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is a dynamic and growing city, and it is the centre for international expertise and culture. As the home of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi captivates thousands of tourists every year.
The University of Lapland was founded in 1979, and it is the northernmost university within the European Union as well as a centre for Arctic Studies. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Rovaniemi. We hope that you will not miss this unique invitation to visit Lapland and to meet colleagues. Helka Urponen.
http://www.ulapland.fi/lapin_yliopisto_internet_2/Lapin_yliopisto_2007/common_images/YO_logo.gifProgramme in PDF-form here. Lifelong learning and socio-economic approaches (e.g. economic crises, corruption, human rights, crime). Developing new and sustainable approaches to lifelong learning at local, regional or international level – theories, methods and approaches. Educational relationships and teachers/learners. Lifelong learning and the environment (psychosocial welfare, climate change, sustainable consumption, ethical business practice, etc.). “Learning All Life Long” – Enhancing Dynamic Capabilities with Social Mediators and Social Media. Topics: - Lifelong learning – new ways of learning, - Communities – building meaningful linkages, - Social media – emerging new possibilities, - Innovation – in all we do, - Crowd sourcing – setting stages for meaningful interaction.
http://www.ulapland.fi/images/20091014161229.gif"Elinikäinen oppiminen ja uudelle vuosikymmenelle", 39. EUCEN Conference, 27-29 toukokuu 2010, Rovaniemi, Suomi.
Ohjelma PDF-muodossa tästä. Elinikäinen oppiminen ja sosioekonomisen lähestymistapojen (esim. taloudelliset kriisit, korruptio, ihmisoikeudet, rikollisuus). Kehitetään uusia ja kestäviä lähestymistapoja elinikäiseen oppimiseen paikallisella, alueellisella ja kansainvälisellä tasolla - teorioita, menetelmiä ja lähestymistapoja. Educational suhteet opettajien ja oppilaiden käyttöön.
http://www.ulapland.fi/lapin_yliopisto_internet_2/Lapin_yliopisto_2007/common_images/YO_logo.gifElinikäisen oppimisen ja ympäristö (psykososiaalinen hyvinvointi, ilmastonmuutos, kestävä kulutus, eettistä liiketoimintaa, jne.). "Kaikki Life Long Learning - parantaminen Dynamic Capabilities sosiaalinen media ja sosiaalinen sovittelijoita. Aiheet: - Elinikäinen oppiminen - uusia oppimistapoja - yhteisöt - rakennus mielekkäitä yhteyksiä - Sosiaalinen media - syntymässä uusia mahdollisuuksia - Innovaatiot - kaikki teemme - Crowd sourcing - koulutus, jossa merkityksellistä vuorovaikutusta

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