The recent decision to establish the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT) in Budapest and set up in Europe Knowledge and Innovation Centres (KICs) operating under the EIT umbrella shows the NEED to initiate enhanced DIALOGUE and COMMUNICATION between various actors of higher education, research, business and innovation.
Therefore, our purpose is to organize a forum for the identification and integration of experiences in means and methods of fruitful linkages between the academic world, policy-making institutions and business enterprises in pursuit of efficient co-ordination of higher education programs, innovation policies and market demands.
Thematic lines:
I. Higher education: Higher education during economic crises, HEI management, Entrepreneurial education, International mobility of academics, researchers and students, Higher education and employment, Carrier centres – role, activities, challenges, best examples.
II. Partnership: Partnerships between HEIs (international programmes, joint-degree programmes, etc.), Partnerships between HEI and business organisations; Transfer of knowledge; Communication between knowledge based economy actors, Scientific exchanges and research between Visegrad Group countries.
III. Innovation: European Institute of Technology & Innovation and Knowledge & Innovation Centres, Education of engineers as a foundation for innovation – challenges, opportunities, traps, IT for education, Knowledge village – innovative solution for innovative educational institution, R&D in business organisations and HEIs, Curriculum development – towards the improvement of innovation.